Rumor: New Apple Products to be released halfway through 2013

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The 4th generation “iPad 4” has just been released this month and the iPhone 5 was released in September, but there are already rumors regarding the release of Apple’s succeeding tablet computers and its flagship smartphone products.

Apple claims that the iPad 4 is twice as fast as its predecessor. It features Retina display, the latest Apple A6X chip and the Lightning connector that was introduced with the iPhone 5. The tablet computer provides hardware architecture for audio-visual media, films, music, games, electronic books, web content, presentations and periodicals.

Apple is rumored to release the next generation iPhone and iPad by the middle of 2013. (Image: jimacrawford (CC) via Flickr)

The iPhone 5, which Apple boasts as the ‘Thinnest, Lightest and Fastest iPhone ever’, is the sixth generation iPhone product that showcases a 4-inch screen that supports 16:9 aspect ratio, a Lightning connector, a custom design of the ARMv7 processor called Apple A6, up to date mobile operating system called iOS 6 and support for LTE.


But, a new statement from DigiTimes released last week said that Apple might be releasing successors to their flagship products, the iPhone and the iPad, soon, “around halfway through 2013.” The statement came from the Taiwanese website’s anonymous insiders, or “market watchers” close to Apple’s Oriental chain of supply.

Furthermore, DigiTimes stated that Advanced Semiconductor Engineering and Semiconductor Manufacturing Company of Taiwan are rumored to run production for Apple by the end of March 2013. If this rumor is concrete,  Apple is likely preparing to launch a new iPad and iPhone by halfway through the year 2013.

However, the Taiwanese website has an imperfect background accuracy record of rumors, attributing to its unreliability, as there have been some rumors that had not been fully realized, such as, the iPhone 5’s use of a chipset that never materialized. As it turned out, Apple had utilized its own A6 processor for the iPhone 5.

Furthermore, DigiTimes also stated that according to Commercial Times, a Chinese publication, Apple would begin producing trial units of the “iPhone 5S” by next month, December 2012, but that should not be fully believed to be authentic and expected to happen.

But on the bright side and to their credit, DigiTimes did a nearly accurate prediction of the release of the 4th generation iPad and a slightly smaller version of the iPad tablet computer line of products, the iPad Mini, that they predicted to be released by December, the ending month of the year.

The iPad Mini, a smaller version of the iPad that is said to have ‘Less of it, but no less to it’, features identical specifications as the iPad 2, including its display resolution, was released November 2, 2012, the same date the iPad 4 was also released.


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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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