Apple May Release a Rugged Version of Apple Watch

This new version will have better impact resistance. 

Apple Watch is one of the most popular watches in the world. It’s a computer for your wrist. It may feel extravagant but it can be an indispensable device. 

Although it’s an excellent smartwatch, it may not ideal for a rugged environment. However, this will change with the recent report that Apple is pondering on releasing an Apple Watch apt for extreme environments. 

If you’re fond of extreme sports, you may stay away from getting an Apple Watch. But if the report is true, then you may change your mind and finally get this smartwatch. 

It’s not official yet. But according to Bloomberg, Apple has been exploring the idea of releasing a rugged Apple Watch for many years now. 

Rugged Apple Watch 

If indeed Apple would release a rugged Apple Watch version, it would be ideal for hikers, athletes, and those people who like spending their time in extreme conditions. 

Now, if it would see the light of day, this model might arrive this year or in 2022. 

Internally, this rugged Apple Watch is being described as the Explorer Edition. However, it’s not official yet. 

It would also exist along with Series 6, and SE. Regarding the materials that would be used, the report didn’t say. In that case, it’s too early to compare it to Casio G-SHOCK watches that are designed for extreme conditions. 

But the report briefly stated that it will have a rubberized exterior. 

Apple Watch’s Competitors 

Although Apple Watch is a popular smartwatch, it’s not for outdoor environments. The Apple Watch is already water-resistant and dust-resistant. 

But its sales are still weaker than the durable smartwatches designed for extreme conditions. 

Apple continues to release wearables. In addition to Apple Watch, it also released AirPods. And in the future, it may offer mixed-reality glasses. 

The wearable is the fastest-growing category of Apple. The company uses its wearables department to offset the dwindling iPhone sales. 

Every year, Apple releases new smartwatches. And it does so every second half of the year. 

Last year, it released Apple Watch Series 6, along with Apple Watch SE. 

However, the Series 6’s improvements weren’t compelling enough. Some Apple Watch owners didn’t want to upgrade. 

But if Apple would release a rugged version, then it might be a substantial reason for anyone to upgrade. 

Despite having no rugged version, Apple Watch still offers impressive features. For instance, its workouts are getting more accurate. All workouts are designed to encourage you to try new exercises. 

It also comes with a sleep tracking feature. Although it can’t measure the quality of your sleep, it’s good at knowing whether or not you’re awake. 

Then, it recharges faster. It’s one benefit that you’ll surely like. While you’re in the shower, you can put it on the charging puck and it’ll fill right up. 

And if you have Apple Watch Series 6, you’ll love the Always-On display which is 2.5 times brighter when you’re outdoor. 

However, if those features aren’t good enough for you, then you might have to wait for the rugged version of the Apple Watch.

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