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The effectiveness of any technology is measured as per its capability to respond to emergencies, especially during natural calamities. Floods, earthquakes, Fires, and Hurricanes do not come with a warning sign, but the impact of each of these natural disasters is huge. The Loss of human and property during such events, cannot be restored normally. Although we cannot avoid natural calamities, we can surely reduce the impact by being prepared for the event in advance. For example –  if there is a bad weather prediction, we can get prepared for the worst in advance, so that the loss can be minimised. Thus, to mitigate the damage caused by a natural disaster, we need the right maintenance management solution.

When it comes to finding a maintenance solution, the only software that comes to mind is the ), that can be very useful during emergencies. CMMS can help the disaster management team in these two ways.

  1. It can facilitate the team to be prepared for the worst most effectively.
  2. Post the disaster CMMS can help in resorting the emergency through quicker response time.

How can a CMMS software help in being prepared for the event?

If an event comes with a warning, then that’s good news because you get time to prep up for the situation. For instance, if there is a cyclone alert, you can evacuate the people staying near the shore, alert the fishermen, arrange for emergency supplies, and keep the media informed so that people stay indoors.

Let’s see how a CMMS can help the disaster team:

  • Prepare an emergency plan with a detailed checklist.
  • Alert your staff and allocate separate responsibilities, so that every aspect is managed optimally.
  • Ensure precautionary measures are taken in advance, like closing potholes before the arrival of monsoon.
  • Efficiently, manage the resources and the supplies.
  • Track all your assets, like emergency vehicles, emergency kit and other emergency supplies.
  • Build a strong auto-access system, so that real-time data is available to all remotely.

How will the CMMS help in recovery from the disaster?

With CMMS, you can be better prepared for any disaster, however, the response post damage is also an important role that CMMS performs brilliantly. The speedy recovery from the impact of the event will solely depend on how well you were prepared for the event.

Few ways CMMS can help in recovering from the impact of a natural disaster:

  • CMMS help to keep all vendor information ready, so that they are available at just one click.
  • The software ensures that all the equipment’s, like wireless communication devices, are well maintained so that the is improved. Remember, in such situations, there is no scope for unpleasant surprises.
  • CMMS creates a list of the damaged equipment’s so that they can be replaced before the disaster.
  • CMMS can be optimally used to maintain compliance with your asset manufacturer, thus reducing the risk of liability claims.
  • CMMS can record the impact of the damage and help in planning the supplies, so that help reaches the right people at the right time.

The Bottom Line

Having a CMMS software can prove to be a great asset during emergencies. The response to disasters will determine the recovery rate. Additionally, in the age of technology, the CMMS equips all the maintenance staffs to go paperless and work remotely. Go for a mobile-based CMMS and always stay prepared for the worst. Technology can create more productivity, efficiency, and speed. CMMS is the ultimate solution for all maintenance related problems faced by the disaster management teams.

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