Restaurant Reservations Now Made Easy by Twitter in Collaboration with Twizoo

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Ever had an awkward (and fruitless) conversation while booking a restaurant for a night out? What if I told you can now make a reservation just by tweeting?

Restaurant Reservations Now Made Easy by Twitter in Collaboration with Twizoo

Twizoo is an app that allows you to make reservations with a tweet. It started in London where the app helped in getting public suggestions on eateries. It also assists restaurants in increasing their ratings with those recommendations. It not only facilitates you to book the restaurant, but provides you with directions too so you can have a hassle-free evening.

To get started, you can book your favorite restaurant by mentioning the name, date, time and number of people you will be accompanying, with the hashtag: #TweetToBook. After you tweet, the app confirms the availability of the table on the restaurant’s booking system automatically and replies to you in no time. As this app is in its initial stages, only seven restaurants are accepting online booking through Twizoo. However, we have a feeling that more restaurants will jump on the Twizoo bandwagon soon.The app examines a number of tweets regarding restaurants and helps individuals decide the venue in less time. The tweets are divided into three categories: positive reviews, negative reviews, and spam tweets. The spam tweets consist of tweets by restaurant or its PR agencies, done in order to increase their rank. However, this kind of spam results in lowering of the rank of the eating place. The option of #NoMoreReviews is also provided which helps getting rid of inaccurate reviews.

In the past, Twitter was used by other businesses as a means to place orders; however, usage of an app in collaboration with Twitter to reserve a restaurant is a first. Furthermore, the way in which you can place orders keeps evolving on Twitter. Only recently, Domino’s pizza introduced a new ordering style in which you can use a pizza emoji or hashtag #EasyOrder to the official Twitter account of Dominos to order pizza in New York.

pizza in New York

Twizoo is working jointly with Hardens, which is a restaurant guide, to access their online booking database so they don’t have to create a new one. This restricts them from taking orders only from the restaurant present in Harden’s list and also, it takes booking from London only.

Advertisements are also done through Twizoo by making ads out of tweets which can be seen on the app. When a person goes to the restaurant/bar by seeing the ad, the beacon pings the app on their phone. The restaurant/bar has to pay for every successful reservation made because of the ad.

The CEO of Twizoo, Madeline Parra, talks about how the restaurants and users of Twizoo are facing issues with the booking because of the lack of monitoring of tweets by restaurants in real time. It should be monitored by someone who has access to restaurants booking system in order for this to work.

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