Report highlights the impact of social media to Gen Z consumers

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The latest market research data from Qualtrics shows rising consumer expectations and how important shared brand values have become.

Qualtrics had a comprehensive survey of about 9,000 consumers of different age groups. It measured how each age bracket would respond and compared them with each other. The range of measures between Gen Z, Baby Boomers, and all those in between.

The findings underline key insights for all brands.

The data shows that Gen Z consumers are the most likely to be upset by a bad interaction with a company.

Gen Z is the generation least likely to report being happy with their customer experience (on a scale of upset to delighted). Gen Z was the most upset by their interactions with federal agencies (only 13% gave a positive rating), followed by investment firms and airlines. Gen Z gave the highest ratings to social media and retail stores.”

Young consumers have seen how social media and ecommerce developed through the years. They expect brands to cater to their increasing needs. They know they have the means to openly disapprove a company due to bad interactions. And they know they can switch easily through a quick online search to find competing brands.

This changed how they view customer service and response. It is important, more than ever, for brands to study this in how they engage and act around Gen Z consumers.

Younger age groups also value public health response. Gen Z respondents are twice as likely as Baby Boomers to stop buying from a brand if they felt that they have lacking safety measures.

gen z vs baby boomers

Young consumers also value brand names. Younger shoppers are nearly thrice as likely as Baby Boomers to say they choose brands that they are familiar with.

gen z vs baby boomers

More insights can be seen in the full report from Qualtrics. You will see key things to ponder for marketers, especially if you want to connect with the younger generations.

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Author: Francis Rey

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