Reddit Will Let Employees Work from Home Permanently

Is work from home the future of work? 

Reddit is another tech company that allows its staff to work remotely going forward. It announced the decision in a blog post. However, not all employees can choose to work anywhere. 

In a blog post, 

“Moving forward, teams and team members will have flexibility to explore where they work: in the office, remotely, or a combination of the two. There are some exceptions; we have some roles at Reddit that need to be performed from our offices or specific geographic locations, such as Facilities or IT Support. Ultimately, we empower our leaders and their teams to make those decisions, balancing the needs of the business and employees.”

Thus, if an employee thinks that he can be effective working remotely, the company will support the decision and will not adjust the compensation down. 

This will help the company in hiring more talented people wherever they live. It opens up more opportunities for diversity. 

Reddit is joining Twitter and Dropbox for allowing its employees to work from home permanently. Several tech companies are taking this step because of the pandemic. 

However, some companies eliminated cost-of-living pay compensation. Facebook and Stripe are just two of the many companies that would adjust pay according to their employees’ new locations. 

Casual and Coffee Setup Office 

Some employees would want to work from home for a few days per week. Reddit will support it too. 

The office setup will be like a coffee shop-style seating. But there will have private spaces if they wish to focus and larger bookable resources. 

The company acknowledged that there are cons to WFM. However, the company believes that the pros will outweigh the cons. 

As its teams are more distributed, it can evaluate the effect of this model on its performance as a business. It will continue to adapt its workforce programs and processes. 

It believes that it’s the right thing to allow its employees’ flexible work arrangements. 

Work from Home Set-Up Cons

Some people can be productive if they work from home. They will have more time to cook and exercise. They can also spend more time with their family. 

However, employees need to have a high-speed Internet connection. Some aspects of company building can be difficult to achieve. 

Some workers chose a company to work with because of the company’s culture and values. They want to work side by side with their colleagues. 

Others want to have a cool office space in their own house. In other words, some people will welcome the WFM setup, others won’t. 

Another downside of the WFM setup is that employees will have fewer social interactions. People are social creatures. 

If you’re an extrovert, you will love to chat with other employees as you prepare your coffee. 

However, working from home can help companies in lowering their operational costs. It may take time for employees to adjust. 

Although the future of work is a hybrid approach, it has its set of obstacles. Working from home may cause mental fatigue. But you can fight it with some online tools. 

What do you think of Reddit’s decision to allow its employees to work from anywhere? Is it a good idea? Please leave a comment below.

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