Reddit to shut down Dubsmash

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Reddit has revealed its plan to shut down its Dubsmash app. It will merge the creative features of Dubsmash, acquired December last year, into Reddit to enhance video engagement.

Still available until February 2022, Dubsmash creates videos with matching audio clips. It has its own set of effects and filters to make your clips stand out.

reddit dubsmash

Reddit wants to build this technology into its Reddit app camera. It will capitalize on the growing video engagement in the app.

“To date this year (January 2021 to November 2021), video content has soared on Reddit. We’ve seen nearly 70% growth in overall hours watched, and a more than 30% increase in daily active video viewers,” says Reddit.

Reddit says it has increased by 50% in quarter-over-quarter short video views through its TikTok-like video feed.

reddit dubsmash

With a bigger push on content consumption, we now see video rising on Reddit as well. The merge with Dubsmash will give Redditors new tools to create and edit videos within the app.

The enhanced Reddit camera will have recording speed options, video timers, landscape and portrait mode video clip uploads, and new clipping options.

Reddit will also have its first AR lenses, headlined with Bread Cat and Snoo effects.

reddit dubsmash

Users can add stickers, use drawing tools, and add voiceovers.

Reddit’s AR options are basic for now. But it is a relevant start that may evolve through time. AR is catch more attention once full AR glasses are released in two years.

This aligns with the industry’s direction to merge the digital and physical worlds.

Details on how to make it work is still vague. But AR seems to be the way forward. The introduction of Reddit’s own AR features will ensure the app remains relevant as this technology evolves.

For Dubsmash users, it’s time to move over to the Reddit app.  Otherwise, you will have to find another app that aligns with your interests.

Redditors can now access the new camera features on iOS and Android.

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Author: Francis Rey

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