Reddit shares how frequent Redditors talk about NFT [INFOGRAPHIC]

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NFT is making waves on Reddit. But not all are positive. The tide seems to be turning against what was a hot trend of NFT profile pictures.

The feature has been marred by scams. Many have doubts on how long it will last.

Yet, if you still want to pursue the marketing opportunities, the stats below from Reddit can give you more food for thought.

The infographic below shows that the interest in NFTs in the app has risen and will continue to do so. New doors to connect with a broader community have opened through relevant subreddits and communities.

Reddit offers key tips on how to market NFT projects. And these even apply outside of the platform.

Sooner or later, digital goods will have a big part in our future. Whether this will come in the form of comic profile pictures still remains to be seen. Yet, it still is worth it to acquaint yourself with the growing opportunities of NFT.

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Author: Francis Rey

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