Reddit Search now includes user comments

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Reddit has expanded its search results with an option to include comments, apart from posts. It opens new ways to discover and uncover conversations in the app related to your search query.

If you search a keyword on Reddit, you can filter your results by Comments. This is on top of the existing filters for category.

“With this new capability, users looking for particular discussions or comments on Reddit no longer need to click on several posts and then scroll through what can sometimes be thousands of comments to find threads that are relevant to them. The new feature solves this problem and quickly gives redditors the ability to comment search directly and further refine their searches by searching for comments within specific communities,” says Reddit.

It boosts your conversation research on the platform. The active communities of Reddit have a rich number of insights into audience interests. And now, you can drill down deeper. You also get direct responses to ideas and products, or mentions in in-app conversations.

Reddit has also updated its search results page. It now has a simpler layout to focus on the results.

“Based on user feedback we now prioritize posts over other content types in our updated search design, and we’ve simplified the results page so that users can more easily skim through and find what they’re looking for,” adds Reddit.

Reddit is working to enhance search relevance. It aims for less restrictive matching to deliver more results that did not provide any matches before. It wants a more attuned matching to popular searches. And it aims to add previous search signals to organize relevant results better.

Reddit says had a 20% increase in people using its search option in the first quarter of this year. And more than 26 thousand early adopters for its new comment search capacity have scanned more than 5 billion comments in the app.

The company’s new search options are now available.

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Author: Francis Rey

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