Reddit now allows you to search comments within a post

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Reddit is expanding its search capability to now include the ability to search comments within a specific post. You will now be able to search through the comments feed on any post. This will now make it easier to find specific discussions and mentions within Reddit.

Previously, you could only search through all comments in the app within the search element. The update, however, means that you will be able to scan through post-specific comments directly on the post itself.

“We’ve been listening to your feedback and you can now search comments within a post on desktop, iOS, and Android apps. So what does this mean? You don’t have to “cmd-f” on the post page anymore and you can search comment threads without expanding them. No more long scrolling sessions — quickly get to the parts of the conversation you’re looking for and jump in where you want,” Reddit announced.

The new capability provides a new way for you to research specific discussion points and mentions within comment threads. This will come in handy when you are looking for a previous comment made by someone or for brands when you want to know more about a product.

Meanwhile, Reddit has also added the ability to search text within images, while also upgrading its autocomplete options to provide more relevant matches and examples.

The video search tools also received some new updates. It is now easier to browse through video search results. “When you tap into a video search result, you can now easily swipe up and down to go between video results on Reddit’s mobile apps.”

A couple of weeks ago, Reddit confirmed that hackers stole its source code and internal data. The breach gave access to Reddit’s internal business systems; a situation that enabled them [hackers] to steal internal documents and the company’s source code.

Reddit said the hackers used a phishing lure, which targeted its employees with a landing page that impersonated its intranet site. This site, according to Reddit, attempted to steal employees’ credentials and 2FA tokens.

After one Reddit’s employee fell prey to the phishing attach, the threat actor was able to breach internal Reddit systems to steal data and source code.

The event was recounted to Reddit by an employee after he self-reported the incident to the security team of the company. Following its internal investigation, Reddit said the stolen data includes limited contact information for company contacts and current and former employees.

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