Reddit Ads Manager updated with better targeting and creation tools

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Reddit has updated its Ads Manager platform. Now, it’s easier for businesses to start their campaigns and reach their target audiences.

Reddit has a new live chat in Ads Manager. It connects directly to Reddit’s support team for ad-related queries—a first of its kind for any social media platform.

To be fair, Reddit has lesser ad clients than the bigger social media platforms in the space. Still, it can help get your Reddit campaigns on the right track.

Reddit will also help set up data tracking on your site via a new tool called Pixel Helper. It will guide you how to integrate the Reddit Pixel to measure their campaign performance.

Reddit also made several updates to its Ads Manager interface, such as:

  • Audience Manager – Allows advertisers to create, edit, delete, and reuse audiences across campaigns
  • Post Library – A repository of all your ad creative in one place to manage and reuse ad content
  • Edit Ads – Easily update existing ads
  • Updated Performance Estimates – Provides impression and click estimates for ad groups, including estimated audience reach

For the user interface, Reddit now has updated navigation, a revamped sign-up page, and refreshed metrics display.

The platform has expanded its targeting options as well.

“In response to advertiser demand, we have added over 1000 new targetable communities to the Reddit Ads Manager. This is part of an ongoing effort to open even more Reddit communities most relevant to a diverse set of advertisers,” says Reddit.

Reddit communities cover a broad range of topics with high engagement rates. The audience groups as targeting options will provide a wider reach to the right people with relevant campaigns and promotions.

While Reddit’s 50 million daily active users is not at par with some of the bigger apps, it has stronger community benefits, and outperforms other apps in community-building and engagement. 

Redditors also welcome brands that engage in relevant communities.

If you want to give it a spin, Reddit Ads is currently offering free advertising credit to test its latest tools and updates.

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Author: Francis Rey

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