RCS Messaging Comes to iOS 18

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Apple iOS 18

Apple will be launching iOS 18 this fall. It will be a major software update that features enhancements, like Apple Intelligence and new customization tools. Among the most significant changes is the introduction of Rich Communication Services (RCS) support in the Messages app. It promises to improve messaging between iPhones and Android devices. 

Transitioning to RCS 

Currently, iPhones utilize iMessage for communication with the Apple ecosystem, recognizable by its blue message bubbles. When you text an Android user, however, your iPhone will fall back on the older SMS/MMS technology, which is indicated by green by green bubbles. This often results in an unreliable and subpar messaging experience. 

RCS is a more advanced messaging protocol. It has been available on Android devices for some time. It offers a range of modern features, including high-quality media sharing, read receipts, typing indicators, and message reactions. These features, however, are not supported by SMS/MMS. 

What Does RCS Mean for iPhone Users? 

With iOS 18, RCS will be the default fallback for messaging Android users. It replaces SMS/MMS. This upgrade promises a more reliable and enriched messaging experience.e Although RCS messages will still appear in green bubbles, the quality of the interactions will be improved significantly. Users will no longer face issues like media failing to send because of quality limitations or messages getting lost. 

Key Features of RCS would include: 

  • High-quality photo and video sharing
  • Read receipts and typing indicators
  • Message reactions similar to iMessage’s Tapback
  • Improved reliability and faster message delivery 

Availability and Beta Testing 

RCS is currently viable in the iOS 18 beta for select US carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If you participate in the beta, you can enable RCS messaging through the settings if your carrier supports it. The beta phase will help Apple refine the feature before its general release. 

Beyond RCS support, iOS 18 introduces other noteworthy features. One of them is a redesigned home screen and customizable control center. You can also schedule text messages and find locked and hidden apps. 

Plus, there is a new password manager app coming. You can also use your iPhone to text message via satellite. The Photos app will have a significant redesign. 

Most importantly, there are various new AI features coming to iOS 18. 

The upcoming iOS is set to revolutionize the way iPhone users interact with Android devices by integrating RCS support. This long-awaited improvement will bridge the gap between the two platforms, offering a seamless and modern messaging experience.e 

As Apple continues to innovate, the inclusion of RCS stands out as a pivotal enhancement in the realm of mobile communication. 

If you are eager to try out these features, the iOS 18 developer beta is available now. The public beta is expected later this month. However, you should be mindful of potential bugs and stability issues if you wish to try the early beta software. 

iOS 18 will be officially released this fall. It will mark a new era for iPhone-Android messaging and bring a host of exciting new capabilities to Apple devices.

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