Raspberry Pi Beta Boards Auctioned, Touts Cheaper PC Alternative

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Raspberry Pi Model B beta boards have started to appear on eBay for auction and continue to accumulate big bucks for the technology it offers.

According to The Inquirer, Model B beta boards are the groundwork for creating the £15 Raspberry Pi computer on a USB stick, and so far, only 10 are available on the online auction site hosted by the developers themselves.

Raspberry Pi Model B beta board number 10 currently holds the most expensive bid at £2,100 as seen on the actual eBay listing of the devices.

“We really weren’t expecting to see this level of interest, and we’re quite humbled by it,” says the Raspberry Pi Foundation on its website.

The auction for the 10 boards first appeared in a YouTube announcement made by Eben Upton, executive director at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, where he said that the latest boards received changes from previous models.

A second YouTube video showed how Upton and his partner Pete hand-fixed board number 3 ahead of its eBay auction.

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The Raspberry Pi Model B beta board. Image: Raspberry Pi Foundation via The Inquirer

Winning bidders will also receive a USB power supply apart from the board itself and Upton added that it would be best to use the Debian Linux operating system for the boards.

The first batch of Raspberry Pi boards will initiate of what will be cheaper alternatives to conventional PCs.

Bidders will likely compose of technophiles, early adopters, collectors and hardware firms who would want to invest in the cheap PC, said Upton.

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