Protectimus Introduces New Hardware Token

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So, are you a fan of experience and making a fair share of mistakes? Do you think that a failure teaches success? Or do you prefer thinking that Wise men learn by others mistakes? No matter what the answer is, at some point you will have to think how to ensure your sensitive data security. And we actually believe that when it comes to information security, it is better to avoid making mistakes and have one’s data secured at the very start.

What kind of business are you running now? Do you have a client’s database? Or, maybe your employees work on an extremely profitable or expectedly profitable developments? Do you produce something unique and care about copyright? In any case, it is definite that you do not want to share your researches and groundwork with competitors or malicious users, who might simply have a desire to destroy all you have done. Protecting sensitive data today is one of the principles to follow in business.

You probably know about the services that help protecting your data. Today, one of the standards for this aim is a two-factor authentication solution. It has proved to be efficient through ages. Services that provide with a complex multi-factor authentication solution usually introduce different kinds of tokens. They are used to generate one-time passwords for users to perform two-factor authentication. Today, we would like to tell about one of the time-tested tokens on the market.

The token we want to describe is called ULTRA and is being produced by Protectimus. The company’s solutions are OATH certified, which makes it even more trustworthy, as the tokens are OATH compliant. And all of the tokens allow you to experience the pleasant feeling of safety in your projects. Why? Because usually a person can keep his own stuff under control. However, it is hard to control others and their surrounding on a distant basis. You never know if your users keep their stuff under control and no unlawful access to your project’s information happens.

Protectimus ULTRA has some vivid advantages among other tokens. First is the algorithm used to generate OTP. Here, two modern and most safe algorithms can be used – TOTP (time-based one-time password) and OCRA (OATH challenge-response algorithm). A user can easily switch between these algorithms.

Nowadays, OCRA is considered to be the safest algorithm because the authentication is performed after having a random challenge-response generated by the server. Besides, one of Protectimus ULTRA features is that a part of the secret key is being entered by the admin during the token activation process. Even the tool producer does not know the entire secret key, which makes ULTRA extremely reliable. And, this token has been secured with a pin. Supposedly someone has stolen this device, if he enters the pin six times incorrectly, it will be blocked.

Besides, ULTRA is one of the Protectimus’ CWYS-tools, it supports data signing feature, that is called CWYS (Confirm What You See). With this feature users are assured that the processed data, either received or sent, has no alterations in it.

Here you can check the prices for Protectimus ULTRA. It is easy to register to see the system from the inside and plan your tokens issuing with a further purchasing.

No need to be afraid of making mistakes. Protect your sensitive data with the most secure solution – Protectimus ULTRA, and start thinking of the things, which are of a greater business importance than worrying if no one gets to your valuable information.



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Author: Firdaus

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