Promote your iphone app up the ranks of the search

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Promote your iphone app up the ranks of the search

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To promote iphone app, you should pay attention to several particularities of the App Store and its differences from Google Play. It is traditionally believed that Android has twice as many users, while IOS brings twice as much money. If you’ve developed a product for both the App Store and Play Market, you should know the difference between their promotion. The IOS audience is much younger than the Android audience, so there is a significant demand for applications, especially games. In addition, according to statistics, users of iPhone products earn more. Half of the iOS users surveyed said they had five or more paid apps or subscriptions, compared to 19% of eligible Android users. Based on this, we can already see the difference between IOS and Android. In this article, we want to introduce these distinctions and explain how to deal with them.

Promotion in the App Store and Play Market

1) Indexation

The first difference concerns the indexation. As you know, to be visible in the search results, your app has to be indexed. Besides, you can’t launch a keyword campaign if your app isn’t in the rank. What is meant by these words. To understand which keywords will be most relevant to your application, you need to analyze it. You identify the functions which it performs and what problems it solves. By answering a number of similar questions, you will get the essence. Words can be combined into phrases, such as noun and noun, noun, and adjective. If your app is about dating, the keywords can be – dating site, quick dating, meet and progress, and more. If you run out of ideas for creating a keyword cloud,  analyzing competitors’ applications will help you.

You can find applications with similar functionality and explore them. Moreover, ASO professionals use keywords in motivated reviews. Choose phrases that may be relevant to you and add them to the keyword cloud. Skip the brand names in your texts, as the algorithm may ban your application. After completing the keyword collection, yourself, you use the free keyword analysis tools, which will give you a few more ideas. In Google Play, the index embraces 250 results, whereas in the App Store this number is 4x more, namely 1000 results. To get to the index, you can use e. g. show and display ads. They will help you to get to the top 250 or 1000. Then, you can proceed with promotion by incentive installs, which is more effective to take hold at the top 3. 

2) Description

The next aspect is the factors that influence ranking. A description is of great importance for the Play Market algorithm. It should consist of a couple of paragraphs; you can use lists to structure it. Introduce the key features and advantages, don’t waffle. It should be clear and include call-to-action. Users reading your text should get a clear picture of your product and what they should do with it. Also, add 7-10 keywords to it as they will help you with ranking. Insert them naturally, as they don’t have to be too notable. Having written a description, check it in the Natural Language API tool. Well-done texts have a score of 8.0 and higher for the appropriate category. If you have any questions concerning your description or promotion strategy, contact

3) Keywords

In turn, the App Store algorithm doesn’t consider a description to calculate your position. The keywords field is more important for iOS apps. You use keywords in the title field, description. So, you should enter the most relevant words there. Use only commas without spaces to separate the words. You can insert up to 100 characters. You can also use keywords in your title and subtitle (for iOS) or short description (for Android). The limit of characters for the App Store is 30 for both fields. In Google Play, you can enter 50 signs in the title and 80 – in the short description. Here comes another specialty. To promote iphone app, you should enter different keywords in the title, subtitle, and keyword field. As for Android apps, you can use the same keywords in all of the fields. It will positively affect their ranking.

4) Inter-region impact

A distinctive feature of Google Play is the fact that promotion in one region contributes to the growth in others. Let’s consider a real example. One client ordered installs for his barber shop app. He has chosen the keywords “barber shop”, “barber booking”, “barber online booking”, “booking app for hair stylist”, “barber appointment book”. He promoted these search requests for the USA. The growth for this location was from +59 for “barber appointment book” to +210 position for “barber booking”. However, his rank by these keywords in Italy, India, UK, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic enhanced as well. Although he didn’t buy installs for these regions, he got up to +62 position growth. Remarkably, one keyword has different dynamics in all locations. The most convertible keyword for the USA was “barber booking”.

In Italy and France, it was a “barber app”. Such a trick could be a pleasant addition to your strategy. But don’t rely on it too much. Choose different tactics for each region if you want to be at the top. In addition, both Android and IOS have their own regions. If you make programs for emerging markets – Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, etc.), it is better to choose Android. If it is the regions of North America, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, so IOS is the best choice.


Let’s summarize all of the distinctions between promotion in the App Store and Google Play. The algorithms pay attention to different aspects, so you should be aware of them.

  1. The index of Google Play includes 250 search results, while for the App Store it’s 1000 applications.
  2. For Android app’s ranking, description plays an essential role. The App Store algorithm doesn’t take it into account. The keywords field is more important for it.
  3. You can enter the same keywords in the title, short description, and description for Android apps. It will help you to be indexed by them. In the App Store, you should use different keywords.
  4. Promotion of keywords for one region also enhances your position for the others in Google Play. 

Take these differences into account to , and your marketing will bring you a great profit!

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