Press Release Benefits for Your Content Marketing Campaign

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Press Release Benefits for Your Content Marketing Campaigns


Companies utilized press release to inform journalists about their big events, like introducing a new product or announcing a significant partnership. But, in the past 10 years, everything went online and press releases did so too. Syndicating press releases across hundreds of sites for content marketing became easy and quick. It was also vital in improving site ranking.

But can it still help in your SEO or content marketing campaign?

Yes, it can still help your company in getting proper media coverage. As for its SEO benefits, press releases can offer numerous advantages.

Obtain Links

Each time your press release is published, you get a link back to your website. And if you syndicate it to hundreds of media outlets, you receive plenty of backlinks.

Keep in mind that links are still vital to SEO. However, they have to appear naturally.

When you grab the attention of journalists, bloggers, and other writers, they will discuss your official statement on their websites and put a link back to your site.

In that case, you need to publish a noteworthy press release. Use it to generate interest and not for the sole purpose of getting a backlink.

When you pique the attention of journalists, it could lead to interviews, stories, and links. And as mentioned, links are great for SEO.

Attract Clients

The journalists are not the only audience you will be writing for your press release. Bloggers and other individuals are getting their news over the Internet each day. These people can be your potential clients or customers.

Thus, make sure to write your press release in a way that could grab their attention. In some cases, companies with complicated products (like fintech for example) must be looking for professional writers to produce engaged .

Gain Customer’s Trust

When people read about your online business or website, they get to know you more. The more they know you, the more they trust you.

The press release can help you build authority by enticing journalists to write about your company’s story.

It is also a great tool for you to provide your potential buyers a reason to purchase your products or visit your website.

And remember authority and trust are vital to SEO. They boost the opportunities for your content. It will also become a lot easier to earn links.

Make Your Brand an Industry Expert

As mentioned, a press release can be a tool for you to build trust and credibility. By creating a top-notch press release, you can make your company a high-authority business in your niche.

Press Release and SEO

A press release can be a huge help in your SEO campaign. However, you need to maximize it to obtain its benefits and be found online. You have to ensure that Google and other search engines can find your press release.

One way to achieve that is to use the right keywords with low competition. You may use Ubersuggest in finding the keywords that are easy to rank for. 

Then, add those keywords in headline and content. However, you must insert those keywords naturally. Incorporate related videos and images in your press release to attract the attention of your potential clients. Don’t just write a press release to gain backlinks. Rather, publish a PR that people care about. 

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