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But it will only start shipping on November 12. 

playstation 5

It’s simple to choose if you wish to buy a PlayStation 5. You can have it at $499. If you want the cheaper version, you can go for its model without a disc drive and it’ll only cost you $399. 

On Wednesday, PlayStation announced the pricing of its machines and it will be shipped on November 12, which is also its launch date. Preorders will begin today. 

Next-Generation PlayStation

According to PlayStation, this next-generation machine will stay relevant in several years. 

The choices are more straightforward than what Xbox series of consoles. The new Xbox series has a huge price difference. Xbox S is available at $299 while the X Series will have a price tag of $499. 

PlayStation claims that the pricing for its new machines was only decided earlier this year. Sony wanted to offer it at the same price point when it released the PlayStation 4 in 2013. 

However, the company reconsidered its plans because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Sony doesn’t offer a payment plan, unlike Xbox where you can purchase the machine and pay for it $35 a month for Xbox Series X while $25 per month for Xbox Series S. 

Apart from the release date, Sony detailed its pricing for the machine’s accessories. For instance, its DualSense wireless controller will be available at $70 while the Pulse 3D wireless headset is $100. 

Sony discussed how its games are fined-tuned for the new hardware. For gamers to get new experiences, they must purchase the new device. Microsoft, on the other hand, emphasized compatibility. It promises that its games would be available not just on the new Xbox devices but they will also work with the older ones. 

Compared to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 will have more units ready for sale. 

Sony showcased its new consoles during its virtual event in June. It also gave a sneak peek of its new games, like Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. 

For Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the price will start at $50. But its ultimate edition will be available at $70. It will include its remastered copy of the original PS4 Spiderman. 

The release of Spider-Man to PS4 might annoy some Sony fans. That’s because Sony said that it’s committed to developing next-gen PlayStation. 

Developing games that can work across generations may stifle creativity. It inhibits the ambitions of the game as it has to work with less powerful machines. 

But Sony said that the PS5 game versions are designed to maximize the PS5 feature set. Thousands of games were tested for PS4 backward compatibility and most of them are compatible with the next console. 

The PS5 will have AMD CPUs and GPUs. They are capable of outputting graphics at 4k or 8K resolution. It also includes 16GB of GDDR6 RAM. Plus it has 825GB of storage that enables faster load times. 

“We can’t wait for November to arrive – when you’ll be able to get a PS5 console in your hands to begin exploring new adventures and creating new epic memories for many years to come.” 

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