Pono, the Ecosystem with which Neil Young that Wants to Bring Back the Hi-Fi Sound

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Rumors involving the famous guitarist, vocalist and rock songwriter, Neil Young wants to bring back the digital music industry, that have circulated since earlier this year, came true. In an event organized by the Rolling Stone magazine, Neil Young revealed Pono, a complete platform for lovers of good music played good conditions.

Another product under development, the Pono ecosystem will be composed of a digital purchase service and downloads a standard uncompressed audio storage, a hardware to convert digital files and a number of portable players currently in full development who claim that they offer the best audio found in this class of equipment.


All this might sound like any other promotion unless we already know the exaggerated ideas of Neil Young. A detractor of eternal MP3 format and audio CD, which states that stores only 5 or 15 percent of the complexity of the original audio tapes used for recording and mastering, the name Neil Young has been linked to a number of projects that and proposed to revive Hi-Fi sound on the consumer audio market.

A close friend of Steve Jobs, who said that “the father of digital music trade that only listens to pickup discs,” Neil Young was involved in a project which aims to provide an alternatives to iTunes and digital 96kHz/24bit or 192kHz/24bit with careful mastering, project materialized in part by the appearance Mastered for iTunes.

How successful will Pono have, remains to be seen – portable music players market is steadily declining for some years now, being replaced by more smartphones with superior audio quality that requires expensive hardware. The Pono hardware and platform are expected to make their debut next year, the platform already having support from Warner major studios, Universal and Sony and is supported financially by Atlantic Records.

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