Pinterest will start displaying reliable information when you make vaccine-related searches


Going forward, Pinterest will start giving users exact information about vaccines and their safety when they enter relevant search term. The world’s catalog of ideas announced this in a new update where it said information sourced from various scientific organizations would be surfaced when relevant keyword is entered during search. Keywords such as “measles” or “vaccine safety” would provide answers sourced from various organizations.

Listed among organizations that information would be sourced from include the World Health Organization [WHO], the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], the American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP], and the WHO-established Vaccine Safety Net; a network of websites that is responsible for providing vaccine safety information in different languages.

The update is available on web, iOS and Android for English-speaking users. Pinterest says it would continue to expand the feature to other searches and in more languages; though, no specific timeline was given. The company also said it is working with the aforementioned organizations to create compelling images about vaccinations, which could of course have a better chance of being shared. “We know we aren’t medical experts, which is why we’re working with professionals to inspire Pinners with reliable information about health,” Pinterest’s public policy and social impact manager, Ifeoma Ozoma said in a blog post.

Judging from past experience where Pinterest had to stop showing results for searches related to vaccines, the company is this around taking some tough decisions to protect its users. In a statement, Pinterest said it would not allow ads to be showed alongside the search results.

“Last year, we made the decision to stop showing results for searches related to vaccines as a way to prevent people from encountering harmful health misinformation. This new search experience only shows content from leading public health institutions—you won’t see any recommendations or comments on Pins in these results. We also won’t show ads. We’re taking this approach because we believe that showing vaccine misinformation alongside resources from public health experts isn’t responsible.”

A couple of weeks ago, Pinterest launched a new search tool to help users fight stress. The introduction of emotional wellness activities by the company will be useful for users searching Pinterest’s visual pinboard for emotional health and related topics. The new tool is in collaboration with Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, Vibrant Emotional Health and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The activities is designed for to help you compete whenever you are feeling anxious, sad or stressed. It includes among other things, deep-breathing, and self-compassion exercises.

Pinterest said that whenever you search for “stress quotes,” “work anxiety” or related terms that indicate that you might be feeling down on Pinterest, an option to engage with new activities pops.

The company is making the look and feel of the activities unique and different from what we are used to. The essence of this is to make you understand that your use of the activities is private and not connected to your account.

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