Pinterest Buying VSCO? Discussions are Ongoing

If Pinterest would buy VSCO, the startup would bolster its core product. 

VSCO is a photo-sharing app that lets you edit and share your photos. It’s popular among high schoolers. As a user, you can edit your photo and share it to your VSCO feed or save it to publish it on Instagram and other social media apps. 

Although this app lets you share your edited photo, it won’t allow other users to like or comment on your posts. This limited social interaction may be resolved if Pinterest would pursue its plan to buy VSCO. 

Pinterest Interest in VSCO 

As New York Times reported, Pinterest held talks to purchase VSCO. The discussions are still ongoing. Thus, the deal price can’t be revealed. 

But this social media app has a market capitalization of $49 billion. VSCO, on the other hand, was valued at $550 million. 

However, as per NY Times, the acquisition may not be clinched. Both Pinterest and VSCO representatives aren’t ready to talk about the deal yet. 

Pinterest and VSCO focus on digital images. If Pinterest would buy this startup that’s popular among younger audiences, then it could boost its core service and attract such demographics.  

VSCO became a cultural phenomenon pre-pandemic. But during the pandemic, its popularity waned. 

Have You Heard of VSCO Girl? 

As mentioned, VSCO is a photo-sharing app. Instead of focusing on engagement, this app focuses on how the photo should look. 

VSCO girl is a way to describe girls who use this app to . Because there’s no engagement, teens using this app won’t face pressure if their photos aren’t popular or if they have a large following. 

However, this app doesn’t have sufficient privacy settings. As a user, you can’t make your accounts private. Furthermore, its default option lets you share your location. But you can turn it off manually. 

Although the anonymity of this app can be convenient, some parents are worried about it. Teens can post riskier images. They even share photos of them using drugs and alcohol. Some teens post photos showing how they dressed inappropriately. 

Forbes reported that nearly 200 million photos have been shared on Instagram with hashtag #vscocam. It means that the phones have been edited using VSCO. 

Besides its editing feature, VSCO also includes a wide range of filters. They’re the app’s biggest attraction. It has currently more than 200 presets. 

With that number, users can easily find the filter appropriate for their photos. 

The app is free to use. But of course, there are limitations. It has a yearly subscription of $19.99 to get rid of those restrictions and use its advanced features. 

Pinterest Wanting to Bolster Its Service 

Even though Pinterest’s revenue has grown during the pandemic, it may not be regularly profitable until 2022. It has added 100 million active users last year. Currently, it has 450 million monthly active users. 

However, the number won’t still beat Instagram, which has over 1 billion users around the world. If Pinterest wants to boost its number of users, acquiring VSCO may help.

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