Pinterest to help users fight stress with new search tool

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Pinterest continues to roll out features and tools that cut across various areas of life. Some months ago, the world’s catalog of ideas launched a skin tone feature, which was added to its existing search tool. Today, Pinterest has added a new search tool to help users fight stress.

The introduction of emotional wellness activities by the company will be useful for users searching Pinterest’s visual pinboard for emotional health and related topics. The new tool, according to TechCrunch, is in collaboration with Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, Vibrant Emotional Health and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The activities is designed for to help you compete whenever you are feeling anxious, sad or stressed. It includes among other things, deep-breathing, and self-compassion exercises.

The company said that whenever you search for “stress quotes,” “work anxiety” or related terms that indicate that you might be feeling down on Pinterest, an option to engage with new activities pops.

Since privacy is of utmost importance to users, Pinterest is making the look and feel of the activities unique and different from what we are used to. The essence of this is to make you understand that your use of the activities is private and not connected to your account. Perhaps, most interesting is the fact that the company said there won’t be recommendations, and ads will not be based on your use of the new resources—and of course, your activities will not be tracked while using the tools. However, that does not mean your activities will not be stored—just that it will be stored anonymously using a third-party service.


People come to Pinterest to discover ideas, get inspired and focus on themselves, their interests, their futures,” writes Pinterest product manager Annie Ta per TechCrunch. “One of the main ways people find inspiration is through Search, from summer activities to try to creative ways to express yourself. But we know that life isn’t always so inspiring, and things on the internet aren’t either.”

Last May, Pinterest launched a native app for Windows 10. It means an enhanced experience when using the platform—and users all over the world can access the app from the Microsoft Store right away.

The progressive web app supports virtually every feature you can find in the main desktop version—and this is not a surprise. Some of these features include Pinterest Lens, shortcuts and buttons for saving ideas, browsing recommended and trending Pins. You can also search for popular things like food, style, home, beauty, and many more.

Offline functionality and integration along with the Share Menu in the Microsoft Edge are not yet available in the new app, but Pinterest said that there are plans to add them; though no exact timeline was quoted.

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Author: Ola Ric

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