Pinterest teams up with Headspace for World Mental Health Day

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October 10 is World Mental Health Day. In line with this, Pinterest has teamed up with Headspace to provide more stress-relief and management tools to users in the app.

 The new partnership will invite hundreds of thousands of eligible creators to receive a free 6-month subscription to Headspace across 20 countries around the world – from Brazil to Germany, the US to Japan. Pinterest is the first and only tech platform to provide such an offering,” explains Pinterest.

Pinterest says it aims to support creators to stay balanced by adding wellbeing into their daily lives through Headspace’s premium mindfulness content. It has guided meditations, breathing exercises, mindful walks, focus music and more.

A growing amount of studies underline the mental toll that the constant grind of creating and publishing content can have on people.

The New York Times published a report last year on the growing number of creators experiencing burnout.  They work hard to keep posting fresh updates daily to meet the never-ending demands of audiences.

“Burnout has affected generations of social media creators. In 2017, Instagram influencers began leaving the platform, saying they were feeling depressed and discouraged. […] That same year, many large YouTube creators began stepping away from the platform, citing mental health issues,” says the NYT post.

Pinterest has added many mental health support tools in the last few years. It includes built-in self-help and wellbeing exercises in 2019. It also has a Compassionate Search to activities and tools for Pinners to connect with supportive resources when searching for related terms.

The new partnership with Headspace will build on these. It provides new ways for Pinners to access help, support and guidance for mental health issues and topics.

All platforms should implement this in their respective environments.

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Author: Francis Rey

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