Pinterest rolls out Pin Ads in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia

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In the company’s drive to expand its ad offerings and to maximize business opportunities, Pinterest has announced that it will launch Pin Ads to all businesses in Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

“Businesses of all sizes now have access to multiple types of ad formats and targeting options in Argentina, Colombia and Chile, to reach new audiences with meaningful, useful content as they discover ideas and plan new projects,” says Pinterest.

Pinterest initially launched its first ads with a few partner brands in these regions. Tiendas Paris and Publicis Groupe were among the first. And it paved the way for the full expansion in the market.

The launch is the Pinterest’s latest push in the Latin American region.

Last year, Pin Ads made its way to Brazil and Mexico. The app reaches over 80 million active users per month in the region. It has more than 18% of its total users, underlining the potential of its expansion.

Last month, Pinterest also launched ads in Japan. It provided opportunities for brands who want to reach 8.7 million active Pinners in the country.

The extended reach that Pinterest could still achieve in its ads business could mean more revenue for the company.

Upcoming Pinterest CEO Bill Ready, taking the reins from Ben Silbermann last week, may have this campaign in mind.

Pinterest has been on a rollercoaster during the pandemic. Its usage reached new highs when everyone’s first choice was online shopping. Then, it normalized after restrictions eased up.

This has left many stakeholders unsure on what the future holds for the app.

Ex-Google commerce head Ready will have his hands full to with stabilize the company while maximizing performance.

The Latin American expansion reiterates that around 97% of the top searches in the app have no brand affiliations. Most of them consist of two-to-three-word queries.

“Pinterest is one of the rare platforms where it is truly possible for brands to engage with new customers who are intentional, open and making buying decisions,” says the company.

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Author: Francis Rey

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