Pinterest pushes drive against COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

Pinterest has ramped up its efforts to fight COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in Pins. It has teamed up with several health organizations to ensure that users can access accurate, consistent info about the vaccine rollout.

“We have been at the forefront of combating health misinformation and ensuring Pinners have access to reliable third-party sources for several years. In fact, we were one of the first platforms to implement a policy prohibiting health misinformation, including vaccine falsehoods, in 2017. As a visual platform reaching more than 450 million monthly active Pinners worldwide, tackling health misinformation continues to be a priority,” says Pinterest.

As countries continue to expand vaccine rollouts, Pinterest has extended partnerships and initiatives. It also publishes new info about COVID-related searches.

pinterest covid vaccine misinformation

The ramped-up efforts will also extend to restructured initiatives on the rollout.

“To further promote educational content from authoritative sources whenever users search COVID-19 vaccine-related content, Pinterest will be providing paid media to the AdCouncil in support of its national COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign “It’s Up to You.” Through this partnership, the AdCouncil will encourage audiences on Pinterest to get the latest vaccine information – understanding that personal education is the first step in building vaccine confidence,” say Pinterest.

Pinterest has highlighted info from the Association for Healthcare Social Media (AHSM) on the Today tab under Story Pins. AHSM will assist on efforts to dispel myths and to raise awareness on vaccination. 

Pinterest is providing creatives, paid media, and support for medical organizations that serve minorities. It elevates accurate, reliable third-party resources about COVID on Pinterest. 

A join effort

The social network’s initiatives may be of little consideration. Not many Pinners use it as a news source. But the more channels we can use to connect people with reliable, accurate info about the COVID vaccine, the better.

Facebook and Twitter are also doing their part.

Pinterest has around 459 million active users. And its reach is expanding gradually. It must not turn a blind eye. It must cater to queries about current issues.

These new initiatives will ensure Pinners that they get key info in the app.

Author: Francis Rey

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