Pinterest now uses machine learning to show you what’s trending

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“Explore” is the new feature launched by Pinterest last Tuesday. The new feature, according to the company, uses machine learning to show people what’s trending on Pinterest. The most fascinating thing about it is that, it will show you picks from “top tastemakers,” industry experts as well as employees of the company.

When a user clicks on the new Explore feature, he or she sees “today’s picks” with personalized recommendations, reports CNET. These personalized recommendations will be based on how a user had previously used Pinterest; but this is because it’s the first time. Good thing is, you can customize the topics you see.

“Each time you drop by Explore, you get a snapshot of what’s trending on Pinterest, from emerging cultural trends (like “Hygge,” Danish for a simple life lived well) to surprising new flavors (like toasted sweet potato by the slice).

“You’ll also find picks from top tastemakers, industry experts and even our own Pinterest employees, who crowdsource the best ideas using a combination of what Pinners are loving today and what’s happening in the world around us. And when we come across ideas we think you’d especially want to see, your Explore also includes a collection of your own personalized recommendations,” Pinterest said in a blog post.

Ideas can also be explored by topic; and the only thing you need to do is swipe right for a topic of your choice. For example, you can swipe right for Food, Home, Style or any topic of interest to see what’s trending. To view a complete list of Pins available for every topic, just scroll down past collections and tap “See all Pins.”



Pinterest’s Explore is drawing inspiration from what most major apps like Instagram and Snapchat are doing with Explore and Discovery features. It’s a smart move considering that the company’s existing social graph might not be able to achieve similar results. If other apps are doing it and getting outstanding results, nothing stops Pinterest from diving in to it and giving it a shot.

With Explore, Pinterest is trying to explore other avenues of getting more people to share its content. It is a smart move like I said earlier; and while 150 million monthly active user base is not poor stats, Pinterest needs to do more, especially in the area of sharing content outside what everyone has come to know it for. It needs to break free from what everyone has come to know it for.

Also, Pinterest has added an autoplay video ads from brands like American Express, Macy’s and Sony Pictures. Every social network wants to get involved in video, and Pinterest would probably be making a smart decision to get itself well-positioned in order not to be left out.

In June, Pinterest launched a new Shopping Bag that allows you shop across multiple websites—but the most interesting part of it is that you can check out with a single transaction. The new Shopping Bag has a feature that lets you select items from across the web for eventual purchase probably later.

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