Pinterest New Technology: Advanced Visual Search Engine

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Pinterest is a social networking site that is geared towards photo lovers. It works the same way as Facebook. However, with its latest features, it would rather work more like Google.

Pinterest New Technology: Advanced Visual Search Engine

Pinterest New Technology: Advanced Visual Search Engine

Searching on Pinterest without Text

The new technology of Pinterest will let its users search the site without having to enter a text. This latest feature will allow you to highlight some aspects of a photo you are viewing. Then, it will provide you some photos having the same aspects as the photo you are currently looking at.

According to the company, this new feature is a step forward to its visual search engine. They are calling it a discovery engine. The new technology can help users in finding things they thought would not like.

This latest addition to its collection of features will help the company in selling ads, which is an important factor to all investors. Currently, the company has a value of $11 billion.

Within just five years, Pinterest has gathered more than 100 million users. Most of its users are DIY lovers and design aficionados. These users have already posted more than 50 billion images or pins on Pinterest.

The company also said that it has already indexed a billion of those images to be used for the new feature. In the coming months, they can index all of them.

When did Pinterest start to generate revenue?

It was when the company introduced the Promoted Pin that they started to generate revenue. This type of pin is an ad that targets those users based on their locations and interests.

From there, the company introduced another advertising option – videos. Then, it offered advertisers with other targeting options. In June of this year, it added its buy button to allow users to purchase items directly from the Pinterest app.

According to analysts, if the company wants to attract more users and advertisers, they have to provide them with good search ability. This may be the answer to that recommendation. Of course, it takes a lot of work to perfect the technology. Fortunately, it is getting better for the people behind the company.

This visual search ability is crucial for Pinterest. For years now, Google and Amazon are attacking and perfecting this feature. In 2009, Google, which is now a part of Alphabet, Inc., introduced an image-recognition app. It lets you identify and retrieve information about a book by taking a photo of it.

Deep Learning

This latest feature of Pinterest is using a technique known as deep learning. It is a technique that allows a program to identify patterns by searching through large amount of data. It is like teaching computers to better understand what the image is.

But Pinterest’s goal is quite different. If Google helps users in finding that specific thing, Pinterest’s search engine will help you find things that you do not think you need but once you found them, you cannot wait to use them.

Pinterest is expecting to receive a huge payoff. Next year, they are expecting to reach $29.2 billion earnings from search advertising.

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