Pinterest launches new online safety tools to protect younger users

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Pinterest has launched some new privacy features, including tools to protect younger users while using its platform. The new tools Include private profiles, mutual messaging restrictions, and updated controls over who can follow you on Pinterest. 

Private Controls

Going forward, users under the age of 16 and older will be able to opt out of a private or public profile. 

Once private, you’ll still be able to connect with your friends and family by sending a unique profile link. Private profiles are not discoverable by others on the platform and will remain the default and only option for teens under the age of 16.

Pinterest announced at the beginning of the year that the profiles of all users aged 16 and under would be made private by default. The company added at the time that such users would not be able to switch their profiles to public.

However, that hardline stance seems to have been relaxed, though teens under 16 will have access to activate a private account.

More Follower Controls For Teens

Pinterest has also activated more follower controls for teens. With this, all followers from the profiles of users under the age of 16 will be removed. Users under the age of 16 will then be asked to ensure they know precisely who is able to see their content.

Message And Collaborate With The People You Trust

Pinterest is also activating more ways to help teens make decisions about who can and cannot contact them. The company said messaging and group boards will be accessible to all users as long as you give them permission.

Teens under the age of 16 will only send and receive messages from mutual followers who have been accepted through a unique profile link that expires after 3 days or when they get 5 new followers with the shareable link, whichever comes first.”

Parental Passcode Update 

Pinterest has updated its parental passcode and has now given caregivers the ability to easily opt-in and out of the parental passcode. Caregivers will also have access to update the protected settings on their teen’s account. The new update comes in addition to the ability to opt to require a passcode to change account settings for teens. 

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Author: Ola Ric

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