Pinterest launches a free e-learning tool for the business-minded


One way to grow your business or start on the right part is by having the right tools to achieve your goals. Important as money is, it is not the single most important thing you need to get going—you need the right knowledge, skills, and the right people around you. Now, businesses on Pinterest can access a slew of new tools to get going with the newly launched Pinterest Academy.

The new e-learning platform was launched on Tuesday by the world’s catalog of ideas to help new businesses on the platform to get started. Via the new academy, businesses will be able to discover the benefits of all Pinterest’s ad products, take advantage of the platform’s advanced targeting among several other unique features and opportunities available.

Businesses in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Australia will have access to half of the courses, with more courses soon to be added later this October. As a matter of fact, Pinterest said access to all the courses will be available later this month.

“Pinterest Academy is a series of fun, smart online courses you can access from anywhere on any device. Go through them at your own pace, learning how to connect with your audience on Pinterest. You’ll get information on how to design Pins, inspire visual discovery and incorporate Pinterest best practices,” the company said.

In all there are nine courses, and they have all been programmed to help you learn how to use Pinterest Business for your business and your clients. Each of the nine courses according to the company takes around 2-5 minutes to complete. What that means is that it is possible to complete the entire curriculum within one hour. It is, however, not compulsory to complete or take all courses; so you can choose the one(s) that are relevant to you.

The nine courses currently available to businesses include: Pinterest Narrative, Creative Inspiration, Creative Strategy, Creative Objectives, Targeting and Buying, Setting up a Pinterest Business Account, Planning and Strategizing a campaign, Building and launching a campaign, and Managing and measuring a campaign.

Pinterest announced last month that its users will soon be able to sort Pins within group boards by reactions and comments. This, according to the world’s largest catalog of ideas will come along with the time that each of was Pinned. This latest move is geared towards making the Group Boards option more engaging for its users.

In a blog post the company said 98 percent of Group Boards have five or less people, 77 percent of Group Boards are between two people. So, it seems the entire idea is to encourage more collaboration.

Author: Ola Ric

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