Pinterest is testing video tab in its Android app


Pinterest is testing a new video tab in its Android app—an indication that the app is going all out to compete big-time with other social media outfits out there. The new video tab which will appear on a user’s profile, was spotted by none other than reliable Jane Manchun Wong—a lady that has developed a reputation for calling several upcoming features correctly.

As you can see from the screenshot, the new video tab appears next to the “Pins” tab and right before the “Activity” tab. Pinterest is already brazing the trail in a lot of areas as many tech bloggers have identified the world’s largest catalog of ideas as a platform where people get creative inspiration from.

For now, no exact date has been given as to when the tab will be officially available to users. As a matter of fact, the company has not announced that a new tab is being tested—this could end up not making it to a global launch. That said, it will be lovely yo have a video tab added to your profile on Pinterest.

Video as you already know is taking the center stage and this could boost the already impressive profile of Pinterest.

Following the successful test and implementation of skin tone search early in 2018, and swiftly following that up with customizable skin tone tool, Pinterest is reportedly set to begin testing skin tone filter on Android. The feature on Android was spotted by no less a person than Jane Manchun Wong.

The test and implementation on web was a huge success last year, and Pinterest is hoping that Android users will warm up to the skin tone search feature the same way. The tool allows you to narrow things down by skin tone and beauty. Last year, Pinterest announced that the change was borne out of a survey it carried out that found out that 70 percent of people preferred to use its service to find and save looks and styles.

Pinterest found out that it was difficult to program search filters to detect skin tone in images. This is based on the fact that lighting, shadows and other factors were among variables to consider.

The world’s catalogue of ideas felt that the only way out of this was to introduce machine learning to the process. The company used machine learning from a third-party beauty app called ModiFace—an app that already boast of a facial data library suitable for AI use. This helped Pinterest to train the algorithms not to read white skin in dark shadow as dark skin tone, while correcting other mistakes through perennial testing.

Last January, Pinterest came up with a new customizable skin tone tool that will make it easier to find inspiring makeup ideas. According to Pinterest, beauty is one of the most searched categories on the platform, which makes it imperative to come up with a feature to help users find the most relevant makeup pins for their skin tone. Women all over the world are 2.4x more likely to experiment with different makeup when compared to women on other platforms.

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