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Pinterest is one of very few social networking websites to debut ecommerce on its platform—and the story so far has been one of success. The company is stepping up on efforts aimed at making buying products via its platform easier by launching a new product called Product Pin. Product Pin system according to Engadget, will make the platform a more attractive place to shop—a shopper’s delight when it comes to shopping online.

A new shopping recommendation area has now been added by Pinterest in the Style and Home Décor categories. These recommendations, according to Engadget, are based on your personal tastes that include current trends, and each of the pins will now be called Product Pins. Clicking through one of the recommended items, you will see a “feed full of similar styles as well as links to product pages” when you may choose to buy them if you so desire.

Selecting a particular product will take you to a page where you will find similar other products. Every item however, will have unique pricing information including whether they are still in stock or not. A further click on any item will reveal a shopping tag icon pop up as an option. One you hit the tag, you will then be taken straight to the relevant product page on seller’s website where you can add the item to your cart and complete your purchase.


Product Pins is a result of years investing in machine vision and visual search,” said Tim Weingarten, Pinterest’s head of shopping, per Engadget. “The machine vision extracts the essence of the image, the style and taste of it, and uses that to query all other products that are stylistically similar.”

Product Pins and recommendations are already available to iOS and Android users. Haven’t seen any of them yet? Try updating the version of your app in any of the stores to get a chance to start using the new system.

Pinterest is also adding a new shopping shortcut to the main home feed. You can find this when you hold down a Home or Style pin. When you select it, you will be able to go directly to a shopping-specific feed where you will see a complete list of shoppable Product Pins.

Earlier in the year, Pinterest introduced a new way to make search results easier for everyone. The world catalog of ideas made some changes that allow users to filter hair and beauty search results by skin tone ranges. Instead of spending a lot of time on a single search, you can narrow things down by skin tone and beauty.

That update was borne out of a survey it carried out that found out that 70 percent of people preferred to use its service to find and save looks and styles. Pinterest found out that it was difficult to program search filters to detect skin tone in mages. This is based on the fact that lighting, shadows and other factors were among variables to consider.

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