Pinterest has launched a web app for Windows 10


Finally, Pinterest has launched a native app for Windows 10. It means an enhanced experience when using the platform—and users all over the world can access the new app from the Microsoft Store right away.

The progressive web app supports virtually every feature you can find in the main desktop version—and this is not a surprise. Some of these features include Pinterest Lens, shortcuts and buttons for saving ideas, browsing recommended and trending Pins. You can also search for popular things like food, style, home, beauty, and many more.

As we build a visual discovery engine for everyone – across interests, languages and platforms –  we’re launching global availability of the Pinterest Windows app in the Microsoft Store,” Pinterest wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

Offline functionality and integration along with the Share Menu in the Microsoft Edge are not yet available in the new app, but Pinterest told VentureBeat that there are plans to add them; though no exact timeline was quoted.

Last January, Pinterest added a skin tone feature to its search tool that will make it easier to find inspiring makeup ideas. Beauty, according to Pinterest, is one of the most searched categories on the platform, which makes it imperative to come up with a feature to help users find the most relevant makeup pins for their skin tone. According to Pinterest, women all over the world are 2.4x more likely to experiment with different makeup when compared to women on other platforms.

As you search for makeup and hair ideas on the Pinterest app for iOS, you will be able to select a palette to narrow your search from the drop down in the upper left corner. The more you search using the new feature, the more personalized your home feed and recommendations will become.

As Pinterest explained, searches for terms like “beauty tips”, “eyeshadow”, and trends like “glossy makeup” (searches +89%), stand-out lip colors (searches +467%), or “going gray” (+879%), will now result in more personalized videos and Pins. It is just the start the company said as plans are ongoing to include more palette as time progresses.

In 2018, the world catalog of ideas made some changes that let users filter hair and beauty search results by skin tone ranges. Instead of spending a lot of time on a single search, you can narrow things down by skin tone and beauty.

The change was borne out of a survey it carried out that found out that 70 percent of people preferred to use its service to find and save looks and styles. Pinterest found out that it was difficult to program search filters to detect skin tone in mages. This is based on the fact that lighting, shadows and other factors were among variables to consider.

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