Pinterest adds stories to its home screen

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Pinterest becomes the latest social media platform to embrace the “stories” feature. The world’s largest catalog of ideas now displays stories carousal at the top of its home screen. When you open the app, you will be greeted with a row of stories atop the app on iOS and Android.

Snapchat pioneered the stories feature, then followed and copied by Instagram. It is the most successful features you will find on Instagram today; and no wonder virtually every social media platform has it.

In September, Pinterest added “Story Pins,” which worked very much like and other story format you can think of. Users could easily tap to move between short videos posted back to back. Like any other post, Story Pins appeared on Pinterest just like another box on various grids of pins.

Unlike what we have on Instagram and other social media platforms, the Pinterest Stories will last longer than the 24-hour period. Per The Verge, this will allow creators build up a library for the service to continue to promoting.

While everyone can create stories on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the likes, the case is not the same on Pinterest. On Pinterest, only approved business and creators; but that could change soon.

Last year, Pinterest launched a new tool to help highlight recommendations from fashion influencers. The new tool is called Shopping Spotlight; it showcases selections of Pin products as picked by publishers and influencers in the fashion world.

When you tap through on any Spotlight, you will be able to view themed collections that include products that could keep you up to date with current trends and styles in the fashion world. You can also get latest items from brands that are helping with the fight against COVID-19.

In 2019, Pinterest started integrating shoppable pins with visual search. This makes it easier for you to buy products that you have taken photos of. Lens, a visual search product from Pinterest, allows you to search for items you have previously captured with your phone’s camera. The feature also allows you to upload your existing photos from your camera roll.

This could serve as a powerful tool as tool to help a user or shopper make up his mind when shopping with the Lens. The idea is that a user that has gone through the length of taking a photo of a product he likes and searching for in on the platform will eventually want to buy.

For Pinterest, there is every reason to be positive about Lens for the future looks really bright and holds a lot of promises. As a matter of fact, things can only get better with Lens, and it is some form of good news for Pinterest.

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