Pinterest adds new product tagging in Pins

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Pinterest wants to upgrade its shopping tools. It has added new commerce features, such as Product Tagging for Pins, Shop Tab on Business Profiles and a Shopping API for merchants.

Product Tagging

Pinterest has launched a new type of product tagging in Pins. It will add more specific product information to each item in a frame.

“With product tagging, merchants can add products from their catalog to their scene images. Pinners can easily shop for the exact items they love from the inspiring imagery they find,” explains Pinterest.

The products tags still act the way they do, but they are linked to specific products in a merchant’s list.

The feature streamlines the way specific products are promoted. And it guides users on their path to close a purchasing deal.

During the initial test, Pinners showed 70% higher shopping intent on product Pins tagged in brand images than separate product Pins. 

Pinterest is adding video as an option in product lists as well.

The option will showcase your products in your Pin display. The video would help shoppers get a good idea on how the product is in real life.

Shop Tab on Business Profile

Pinterest has added a new Shop tab to business profiles to highlight your brand offerings.

“With the new Shop Tab on Business Profile, merchants can easily display shoppable products to browsing Pinners. This new feature is a high-intent shopping surface, and in fact, 30% of Shopify merchants on Pinterest get their first attributed checkout from their Shop tab,” says Pinterest.

Shopping API

Pinterest has also launched its new API for Shopping.

“Pinterest is extending its investments in shopping and measurement features, including catalog and product metadata management, to enable more efficient improved data quality for merchant products. The Pinterest API for Shopping has been shown to lead to a 97% accuracy level for price and availability data,” adds Pinterest.

The dedicated shopping API ensures that the correct product detail is displayed always in your product Pins.

These shopping additions further enhances the whole experience. And it could help brands who want to maximize their Pin performance.

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Author: Francis Rey

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