Pinterest adds autoplay video ads to Home Feed

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Pinterest is taking its drive to earn more revenue from ads this year by adding autoplay video ads to Home Feed. You know what that means; more revenue for the company, and more opportunities to “catch up” with a few other social media companies that have adopted similar feature or method of revenue generation to their services.

The autoplay video ads will run in few places like the user search results, and the home feeds, Recode reports. If you are a Pinterest user, it means you will start seeing more autoplay video ads in your feed—and as a matter of fact, more than you have ever seen in the past.

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There is a huge amount of money to be made from video ads out there, and Pinterest clearly wants to have its own share of the cake. Though, the company is still new in the business of selling autoplay vide ads, give it a couple of more years, and things could very well blossom. However, it will be unfair to compare the company’s autoplay video ads move to that of Facebook and the likes given that it only began testing it last November.

First sign the company was going all out to boost its revenue this year began last August when it launched Promoted Video. With more than 150 million people visiting Pinterest every month, the company saw it as an opportunity to boost its revenue coming from video ads, and launched Autoplay Video Adds later in November, 2016.

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Pinterest began testing the feature with a handful of businesses and agencies in the US and UK—including American Express, The Home Depot, Macy’s and Sony Pictures, with more to come.

Here is Jenny Chiu who works on partnerships at Pinterest in a blog post at the time autoplay video ads was first launched in November:

“Brands advertising with this kind of Promoted Video can create an episodic viewing experience. With additional videos that run alongside the primary video, you can create a playlist of ideas. When someone is done watching your first video, the next starts playing automatically. In this way, people on Pinterest get a series of ideas from your brand.”

Pinterest is partnering with Nielsen Mobile Digital Ad Ratings, which will be responsible for measuring audience reach of campaigns using Promoted Video with auto-play. Also partnering with the company is Moat, which will provide data on “viewability.”

On Wednesday, Chiu announced in a blog post that:

“With our new autoplay format, your Promoted Video sparks into action the moment a Pinner scrolls across it in their feed—no need to hit Play. They can just sit back and watch your video unfold. And unlike on other platforms, where ads interrupt people as they’re trying to enjoy posts from friends, on Pinterest people are actually looking for videos that inspire them to give ideas a try.

“The more people watch, the less you pay. Since Promoted Video is bought on a per-impression basis, thanks to autoplay every impression is significantly more likely to lead to a video view. As the number of people enjoying your video goes up, your cost per view goes down.”

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