Periscope seems headed for retirement, gives way to Twitter

Twitter may shut down its isolated livestreaming app Periscope soon. The news broke as a renowned programmer found code that suggests a shutter of the platform is looming.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong noticed this sign when she verified the latest version of the Twitter app code.

This text found inside Twitter’s app indicates the shutdown notice might be shown in future versions of the Periscope app, directing users to a FAQ page about the app

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) December 11, 2020

The message is clear. And the link within the code is now inactive.

Twitter announced in 2016 that it will integrate Periscope’s livestreaming feature into Twitter. Once the transition completes successfully, it would render Periscope obsolete.

We’re making it easier for you to share what’s happening in your world. Now you can #GoLive on Twitter!

— Twitter (@Twitter) December 14, 2016

“While Periscope will continue to operate as a separate entity for now, the merging of the two could suggest that the app’s days are numbered, at least as a standalone platform,” says Twitter.

Periscope may have lost its main function to Twitter. But it still has livestream features, such as saving streams, only available in the app.

Still, the app plodded on. And some of its streams still pop up every now and then.


Periscope founder Kayvon Beykpour is now the Product Lead at Twitter.

The Periscope blog says the app’s last major update was from February 2019. It seems to have dropped its rank in priority.

South-by-Southwest 2015 saw livestreaming app Meerkat steal the limelight. Tech gurus and social media influencers went crazy on the next big thing.

Periscope arrived a weeks later after Meerkat. And Twitter purchased the livestreaming app quickly. Periscope slowed Meerkat’s momentum. They went neck-and-neck for some time.

Then, Facebook Live came in and dampened both apps. 

Most livestreams sucked. Yet it was fun. Social media engagement soared high. People became more creative.

Periscope had a great run. It will be sorely missed by its loyal users, if its end is imminent.

Twitter has yet to confirm the pending closure. And we will update you once the official news comes out. 

Author: Francis Rey

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