Periscope Live-Stream Content on Twitter Feed – Will It Help Attract New Users?

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Do you use Twitter and Periscope? If you do, then you know how inconvenient it is to switch from one app to another. Good thing is that you can now see your Periscope video feeds on your Twitter iOS app. In this way, there’s no need for you to switch to the separate app to view feeds.

Periscope Live-Stream Content on Twitter Feed - Will It Help Attract New Users?

Periscope Live-Stream Content on Twitter Feed – Will It Help Attract New Users?

Periscope has more than 100 million live videos. With that in mind, Twitter is bringing Periscope’s live-stream content in your iOS feed. Gone are the days when you need to hop from one app to another to catch breaking news or simply read your friends’ daily activities.

For instant gratification, Periscope videos will be auto-played within a tweet. Even if you don’t have a Periscope account, auto-play of Periscopes will still be activated. When you tap the clip, you can gain full-screen access. You will also find hearts and comments from others who viewed the content. If you need more interactive options, however, you will have to open the video from the Periscope app.

Periscope said in a blog post:

“Imagine scrolling through Twitter, reading about Mitch Oates’ underwater adventures. You suddenly find yourself peering through a hole in your timeline out into his world, via his live broadcast. This adds a whole new dimension to Twitter.”

This latest feature will surely add a whole new dimension to Twitter. Furthermore, this feature allows Periscope broadcasters in reaching out to a bigger audience.

“For broadcasters, this means you can reach the massive Twitter audience. And for everyone on Twitter, there’s now a richer experience in your home timeline, search results, and on anyone’s profile who’s shared a Periscope.”

But the latest feature will first be introduced to iOS users. Android and web users will experience the same function as soon as it becomes ready. For now, this feature will roll out on Twitter for iOS within the next few days.

Last March 2015, Twitter unveiled Periscope to compete with Meerkat, a surprise hit application. Twitter bought it in January for $100 million. Periscope allows users to stream live videos straight from their phones to the rest of the world. Meerkat and Periscope are using Twitter to promote streams while connecting with their users.

However, Periscope allows users to save and replay live streams. This gives all videos a life that’s outside the moment. When it comes to their interface, Periscope is sleek while Meerkat is a bit kludgey.

The battle between Periscope and Meerkat is another great example of Silicon Valley companies ignoring the most important part of their inventions — users. Live-streaming videos have come and gone. The majority of them haven’t made a dent in our lives.

Meanwhile, Twitter is said to be developing an ad product that allows embedding of users’ tweets into a brand’s social media campaigns. Twitter will ask permission from the author before reposting it. This is something that Facebook failed to do so with its Sponsored Stories. Unfortunately, Twitter hasn’t made an official comment about this rumor.

The intention of Twitter in bringing Periscope into its feeds is to cultivate broader audiences. It’s possible that the changes will turn off core users. It may also fail to attract new users.

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