PayPal Terminated Epik’s Account

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Epik says it’s being de-platformed. 

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Founded in 2009, Epik is known to provide services to Neo-Nazi, far-right sites, and other extremist content. It hosts sites that were not accepted by other service providers. The company wants to be known as the protector of free speech. It doesn’t respond to reports of any illegal activity on their registered sites. 

In 2018, it registered Gab. It’s a social media site known for its far-right user base. It used to be hosted by GoDaddy. However, GoDaddy removed it because the site allows content that encourages and promotes violence against people. 

Epik Violates Risk Controls of PayPal 

Recently, Epik is facing another issue. This time, it’s about its partnership with PayPal. The online payment company terminated Epik’s account because it violates its risk controls. 

The termination prompted angry letters from Epik. It claimed that PayPal cuts ties with them because of anti-conservative bias. 

PayPal, on the other hand, stated that the termination has nothing to do with politics. Rather, the cut off was because of the financial risk issues. 

In a statement by PayPal to Mashable: 

“PayPal has sophisticated risk controls in place to alert our teams to potentially violative activity occurring on our platforms. The company independently reviews each matter and bases its decisions on the management of risk and compliance with our long-standing User Agreement.”

The digital currency of Epik is mainly the issue. The source said that the registrar has its own alternative currency. It’s called Masterbucks. This currency is used for transactions within the Epik network. 

It can be converted to the US dollar. Masterbucks aimed to solve the structural challenges that affect the domain industry. 

The lack of conventional liquidity and high transaction costs are just some of the significant issues that the industry is facing and Masterbucks wants to solve them. 

Epik wants to introduce a frictionless trade. 

The source also stated that Epik didn’t follow the legal steps to run the alternative currency. Plus, it encourages tax evasion as it promotes tax advantages. 

Open Letter to PP Employees

The senior vice president for strategy and communications, Robert Davis, wrote an open letter to PayPal employees. The letter accused PayPal of its “abuse of power and overreach by a de facto monopoly.”

Robert added that the termination is a direct effort of PayPal to silence conservative voices because it eliminated its account two weeks before the Presidential election. 

Conservatives accused tech companies of being biased. But experts disagree because conservative news is still thriving on social media. 

However, most of the owners of tech companies and journalists are identified as Democrats. 

But people want to hear news free from political bias. It’s not acceptable for a news organization to prefer one party over another when it reports the news. 

2 Million Domain Names

Epik’s number of domains registered to them has doubled. It is said to manage 2 million domain names. But the public records only showed 600,000 domains registered under the company. 

In 2019, the company made national headlines after the mass shooting in Texas that left 23 people dead. The killer posted his intentions on 8chan before the incident. Epik hosted 8chan but it later eliminated it.

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