PayPal reportedly in talks to buy Pinterest

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Image Credit: TechCeunch

PayPal is reportedly in talks to acquire Pinterest. The online payment platform, according to Bloomberg is negotiating a price believed to be $45 billion. The deal, if pushed through, could make skyrocket PayPal’s drive into ecommerce.

The deal could also be PayPal’s biggest acquisition, and could also help Pinterest consolidate delve more into ecommerce. Pinterest’s ambition is to become an ecommerce powerhouse. The app has never hidden the fact that it wants to make its platform a hub for brands and shoppers.

WeChat is one app that comes to mind when it comes to offering an avenue for chatting and payment. Apparently, PayPal sees itself in the light of this—and Pinterest provides a platform to achieve this.

Social media companies have come to embrace ecommerce. They are daily offering new products to edge out competition. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat easily come to mind.

Pinterest is not far behind; and is in fact one of the pacesetters when it comes to ecommerce. Every day, people come to Pinterest to find their favorite products. The app partners with popular brands that offer people amazing opportunities to shop.

The deal is still in the works, but could be the perfect combination in terms of shopping and online payment.

Pinterest and other social media giants are in what one could best describe as the online ecommerce war. Everyone seems to be running against time; the race to catch a fair share of the online market is fierce.

In 2020, Pinterest brought a tool to help highlight recommendations from fashion influencers. ‘Shopping Spotlight’ according to Pinterest, showcases selections of Pin products as picked by publishers and influencers in the fashion world.

Shopping Spotlight is easily accessible from a feed of highlighted panels atop your Search tab. The best part of the tool is that all listings will be curated by guest experts and fashion influencers.

When you tap through on any Spotlight, you can view themed collections that include products that could keep you up to date with the fashion world. You can also get latest items from brands that are helping with the fight against COVID-19.

A couple of months ago, Pinterest announced that it will start allowing influencers to earn money off its shoppable pins. The move could encourage people to use Pinterest’s shoppable pins.

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