Pandora Adds A $15-Per-Month Plan To Match Spotify And Apple Music

Pandora Adds A $15-Per-Month Plan To Match Spotify And Apple Music


Pandora quietly launched a Premium Family plan. For $14.99 a month, up to six users will enjoy unlimited music streaming. This plan resembles the cost of Spotify’s and Apple Music’s family plans. Spotify supports up to five users while Apple Music permits access up to six individuals.

Each family member registered to this Premium Family plan will have access to the premium features of the app. However, each of them will get their account. In that case, there’s no need to share your music.

What are the benefits of the plan?

Pandora stated that subscribers can listen to any music whenever they want. They can also create their radio stations or personalize their playlists. To listen to songs without an Internet connection, you can download songs. You can also skip or replay songs anytime. Furthermore, you can listen to audio without ads.

This family plan allows subscribers to access the app’s Soundtrack. It is an updated playlist that combines your family’s unique musical tastes. If you’re in a trial subscription, you may simply choose to Switch Plans. Then, opt to sign up for Pandora Premium Family plan. However, if you’re upgrading to the family plan, your trial program will be repealed. In other words, your account will be charged right away.

To know the status of your family plan subscription, go to your Pandora account and visit its subscription section. Then, select Manage Family in Current Plan. You may wish to send or resend invitations or cancel or remove users from the plan. Now, if you want to delete yourself from the plan but you are not the master account holder, you may still withdraw yourself by going to Settings, click Subscription and choose Leave Family Plan.

If you’re unable to upgrade to this new subscription plan for your family, it could be because you are subscribed via Google Play, Amazon Appstore or iTunes. To subscribe, make sure to drop your current subscription. You can only participate in after your current subscription has expired. When ads begin to play again, you must sign up for the Pandora Premium Family using your desktop and not your mobile device.

Subscribers to Pandora Plus Gift can’t obtain a Family Plan subscription. However, they can sign up for Premium Family Plan. However, if you accepted the invitation of a Premium Family plan but you are a subscriber to a Pandora Plus Gift, your gift subscription will be suspended once you join in. And you can now access in the Premium plan.

This new Premium Family Plan is comparable to the offerings of Spotify and Apple Music. You can pick your music at better quality audio and without being bombarded with ads. Pandora will use its Music Genome Project to know about a user’s music interests to generate music lists. It also employs 75 algorithms with machine learning and Pandora’s curatorial team’s expertise.

Pandora used to be a leader in music streaming. However, it suffered from rigid licensing rules to its digital version of radio. As a result, its listeners could not pick songs to hear. Spotify and Apple Music offer better licensing deals, enabling them to pick the music on demand.

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