Original Angry Birds Game Returns to App Stores

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It’s not free to download, though. But it doesn’t have in-app purchases. 

Angry Birds Back in App Stores 

There are newer entries in the franchise. It’s true. But what is coming back is the original Angry Birds game. 

This original game is designed for individuals who fell in love with the game that started all franchises (and a couple of movies). 

Last year, Rovio, the game’s developer, explained that it had to remove older tiles because they utilized outdated design and game engines. 

The company said that they couldn’t maintain the highest quality of updates with older games because they were built on older technology.

“Today’s mobile technology and games landscape has evolved to a place where supporting them was untenable. And we can’t just leave them there and not update them, as games need to comply with all sorts of platform requirements. 10 years in game years is like 100 in human years – that’s how quickly the industry advances.” 


But there was a strong protest. Gamers want the company to bring back the older, original games. Thus, it was determined to bring the classic experience back. 

But the company had to figure out what can it do to bring it back and which games. In other words, the company didn’t know which older titles would get remakes. 

It remade the original Angry Birds from scratch using Unity. It enabled Rovio to recreate the classic feel for newer devices. 

Rovio said that recreating it would involve a complex process. It’s more than just touching up older graphics or updating the mechanics of the game. The entire process would go beyond that. 

It’s important to note that this game isn’t the same Apple Arcade Angry Birds: Reloaded. This is a whole new game with characters from challenge modes and the movie. 

The Angry Birds Classics retains the original game’s look and feel. Thus, its sound effects and all are in there. Despite providing the classic experience, it can work on modern devices with better resolutions and higher requirements. 

Is It Ready for Download? 

The new version of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds can now be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store. However, it’s not free. 

You have to pay $0.99. However, you don’t have to pay anything after that. You can even access the Mighty Eagle at no extra cost. 

Mobile gaming has been around for as long as mobile phones. The first mobile phone had a pre-installed game called Snake. Angry Birds launched in 2009 on Play Store and App Store. 

Many people downloaded it because it was free. It was a celebrated game, even though it wasn’t that amazing. But everyone knew it and had played it. The game legitimized movie devices as a gaming platform. It was built for touch screens and became mainstream on mobile devices. 

However, over time, the game has lost its appeal. Even with the release of Angry Birds 2, it still failed to reignite the passion for the franchise. 

With the remake of the classic game, though, Rovio is hoping that people’s passion for it would be renewed.

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