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use Trello to create work cards

Trello has been around since 2010 but has only become popular in the last three years. If you haven’t heard about it and run a digital media agency, then you’re probably missing a big opportunity to streamline work. With nearly 5 million users worldwide, Trello is helping SMEs as well as multinationals in streamlining activity planning and workflow management.

Your first impression of Trello will likely be of a simple website with a cute layout, which is rather welcoming, to be fair. However, it has a lot more to offer under the hood than on the surface. Once you sign up, you can leverage on creating lists, delegating tasks, organizing workflow, and virtual space management.

Once you create a workspace on Trello, you can invite your associates to join the workplace and stay up to date with the latest projects and deadlines. On every list card, you can add comments, upload attachments, make checklists, feed labels and deadlines, and much more. To assign tasks, simply drag and drop the members. With quick notes, you can even start discussions that support attachments and the ever-needed emojis.

Intuitive Activity Feed’

Trello also boasts an intuitive notification system on all devices synched with the platform. It’s one of the better virtual workspaces out there for small businesses, that too, for free. Although, you can upgrade to Trello Gold or Trello Business Class if you run a medium to large scale organization.

Inviting members helps you earn Trello Gold, which increases the upload limit, stickers, and board backgrounds. You also make custom emojis. The Business Class meanwhile, offers business level administrative control with Google Apps integration.

KickStarter, PayPal, Google, tumblr, Adobe, and The New York Times are a few of the many big names that love using Trello. It’s also available in Android, iOS, and Windows 8 as a downloadable app so your boss gets to bother you wherever you are. Oh, and there’s Taco too, the cutest spokes-husky you’ll ever see!

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Author: Firdaus

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