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Pinterest, as of the second quarter of the year, now accounts for 23 percent of online commerce referred by social networks.

That is according to BI Intelligence which also revealed earlier that that Pinterest data is a tad higher than Twitter’s 22 percent and not too far from Facebook’s 28 percent.

It makes sense then that a substantial number of businesses are eager to learn how to effectively promote their products or services through Pinterest.

We have an infographic from Happy Marketer to help with exactly just that.

The infographic details the components of the perfect pin on Pinterest for marketing. In other words, it answers the question: How does one build the perfect marketing pin for Pinterest?

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The first tip given by the infographic is to “Pin to the correct board, the one that will appeal to your customers.

In our article Use Pinterest For Business To Increase Traffic – And Sales – Through Your Site, we said that one tip we gave was to plan ahead before setting up an account on Pinterest.

This means that boards need to make sense. Don’t just pin all content for Pinterest into one board. Organize into boards that offer a unique experience for the audience. We also said in the article above to create diverse and useful pinboards.

It goes without saying, then, that one should know their Pinterest boards like the back of their hands.

The next tip is to “Use a large, top-quality image. Anything below 300×300 pixels is too small.

In other words, avoid using crappy photos. Why? Because it is in the very nature of Pinterest to be visual. This Pinterest is the visual social network.

Let us take this further by mentioning a few tips in the article we linked to above. We said there before that one does not have to look very far to get content they can post on their Pinterest account. One just has to look for “pinnable” content among the material one already has. These may be photos from their other social media accounts or photos from their website or blog.

Also remember to be consistent with the look of the materials posted on Pinterest. As much as possible, every visual, whether it be a photo or a graph, can be easily attributed to the company that created and posted it.

Posting content from other organizations or companies brings us to our next tip which is to “Pin back to the original source.” It is only proper to credit one’s sources, especially if the material did not originate from them or from within their organization.

Think of it this way: you would not want another company or person to post your content without attributing it to you. That makes it appear as though the material was theirs when it is not. Do not do the same to others by failing to cite sources.

Of course, this does not only apply to materials sourced from other Pinterest accounts of other sources, it also applies to content first posted by the organization in other websites. If a photo was used in a previous blog post, link to that post. This improves the connectedness of your organization’s content on the web.

The fourth tip is to “Include hashtags to your pin and increase Pinterest SEO.”

We here at Social Barrel really cannot overstate the importance of organization. Hashtag use is a way of organizing your content amid the sea of materials produced not only by your organization but by other organizations as well.

Adding relevant hashtags to posts also make it easier for people to discover your Pin. When more people discover one’s content, they have a larger audience and a bigger chance to gain fans.

The next tip is to “Add a short, snappy, informative, or intriguing description.”

Catch the attention of the reader. Always ask, “Would I be tempted to click on this if I saw it somewhere on the Internet?”

What also comes to mind because of this tip is the fact that one should really know their target audience. By knowing one’s target audience, they internalize what would be interesting to this group of people and use that knowledge to their advantage, particularly in doing processes such as writing descriptions for social media posts.

This also means that a content plan for Pinterest – and, quite frankly, any other social media site – will really help a company organize and optimize their posts.

The sixth and final tip of the infographic is to “Add a URL to the description to drive traffic to your websites.

Hopefully, people are interested enough to be wanting more information about a product or service associated to an organization that has an account on Pinterest.

What a good marketer can do here is to capitalize on this interest and make it easier for people who want more information about the product, service, company or organization to find the information they are looking for.

Including a link on every Pinterest Pin does just that because it offers a direct path for people to visit a website, blog or other social media account that can be used to ultimately drive sales upward.

Learn the infographic by Happy Marketer below by heart but more importantly, implement the things learned here to your projects.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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