Opening Customer Communication without Talking a Lot Yourself

In order to operate your business in the right manner, you will need to connect with the average consumer to find out precisely what they want from your products and services. Of course, your target audience might contain thousands of people and who have time to discuss their business openly with these individuals? To access this information, you have to implement the right technology so you can minimize chatter while enhancing your data collection processes.

Satisfaction Surveys

For a hassle free way to reach out to the general public, why not create a customer satisfaction survey for your store, website, or both? After the initial effort of deciding the questions to ask and wording them in the precise manner, these surveys will be passive ways for you to collect information about your clients. Remember to be careful that you don’t elicit any opinions from respondents. To be fully successful, each question on a customer survey has to be completely unbiased. In this way, you can gather information you can actually use to steer your company in the right direction. All of this can be yours without talking directly to the public at any time! After collecting data, you should:

a. Improve on any weaknesses revealed by the survey

b. Deal with any previously unknown omissions

c. Inform customers about the influence of their opinions

d. Continue to ask for feedback continuously afterwards

By holding regular customer satisfaction surveys in your workplace and online, you can find out public opinion without doing a lot of talking yourself.

Message Taking Firms

There are times when clients will call your company directly to make an enquiry, suggestion, or complaint. Handling all of these on your own can be time consuming, especially if there are over a hundred calls coming in each day. You may not have enough cash to pay for a fulltime member of staff to sit there and man the phones either.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this communication problem as well. By hiring a professional telephone answering service by Message Direct or another similar firm, you can outsource this corporate need to someone with the tools and experience to:

a. Respond professionally to all enquiries

b. Tailor the style and script to your company

c. Answer calls outside of business hours

d. Record messages succinctly and efficiently

All of these will allow you to cater to your customers’ needs over the telephone without having to physically take each call, as they come in throughout the week.

Social Media Managers

Our last suggestion for opening communication channels in an effort-free manner is to hire someone to manage the various social media pages for your company. Set yourself up on a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and be prepared to put up regular content that engages the customer and encourages them to converse with you about your products and services. As the name suggests, social media should provide a social experience to the client. This means you will have to deal with some initial setup steps when creating these pages, ensuring you can provide improved lines of communication by:

a. Identifying the intents of all social media users

b. Focusing on important conversations that create sales

c. Catering to different types of consumers online

d. Putting the customer in charge of your content

Basically, you should create a social media strategy that engages the public, draws them in, and encourages them to share your material. With an experienced online coordinator handling these matters, you can then communicate with the average consumer in a much easier way without having to sit down and discuss matters with every, single one of them.

Actually reaching out to your clients needn’t involve a lot of chatter, as you can see. By simply putting the effort into creating a solid social media strategy, writing some unbiased satisfaction surveys, and hiring a professional call answering firm, you can give the public plenty of avenues wherein they can talk with your company without putting the onus on you to speak to everyone throughout the day. This will allow you to handle all enquiries in the right manner while still having enough time to manage the rest of your company as well.

Guest author Emma Weigall is writing for a company who supports both big and small businesses, Message Direct is a leading provider of call handling solutions in the UK. To know more about the telephone answering service by Message Direct, visit their website.


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