ooVoo Now Fastest-Growing Social Video Chat Service

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Social video chat company ooVoo is seeing quick and unparalleled growth in subscribers, as more consumers prefer to stay connected with the latest video-enabled mobile devices.

ooVoo has announced it has gathered seven million new subscribers in less than 100 days, from June 24 to September 21.

The company claims one million new subscribers signup to join the free service’s 58 million registered users every two weeks, making ooVoo the fastest-growing social video chat service and an essential free download that keeps users connected with friends, families, and groups.

ooVoo’s subscriber expansion grew over the summer months, when users adopted more mobile habits, have more leisure time, searched means to keep connected during the summer vacation, and then continued to use ooVoo as friends went back to school.

ooVoo Now Fastest-Growing Social Video Chat Service

Friends and family on ooVoo invited their friends and relatives to join the social video chat experience, driving unprecedented new subscriber growth rates.

65% of ooVoo worldwide users are currently under 25 years of age, and 55% of ooVoo subscribers registered in the United States are under the age of 25.

According to August 2012 comScore Top 100 Properties – Panel Only rankings, ooVoo was the #1 site with teens and the #1 site for people under 25.

Family use is also up significantly – in the same comScore rankings, ooVoo was the #1 site for households with five or more people.

“With over 58 million subscribers, and adding millions more every month, ooVoo is the social video chat service of choice for a new digital generation of youth who live their life through mobile,” said Jay Samit, president, ooVoo.

“ooVoo is growing exponentially, and our strong momentum is another proof point that users find ooVoo as a powerful and must-have way to stay connected on mobile, Facebook, PC and tablet.”

ooVoo allows up to 12 friends at the same time to connect  face-to-face digitally, allowing friends and family to stay connected to share experiences, including sitting on the “virtual couch” to watch and chat about favorite TV shows together from multiple locations, and using multiple devices (tablets, mobile phones, laptops).

Used heavily with TV as a second screen experience, ooVoo serves more than one billion minutes of video each month to subscribers.

The service is now available for free for over 240 iOS and Android mobile devices, and the ability to take ooVoo along allows even more connection with friends and family in daily life.

This can include bringing friends along on shopping trips via ooVoo to get real-time opinions on choices,  virtually cramming friends in the car for that weekend road trip, or even showing mommy group members the latest happenings – whether milestone or mysterious spots – for opinions in real time.


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