OnePlus Announces Weekly Open Sales, Now Allows Buyers To Pick Up The Smartphone Without An Invite

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Did you know you can now lay your hand on OnePlus smartphone? Of course you can as the Chinese smartphone maker has made it easy to get its device, and this trend continues as the company has also concluded plans for weekly 24-hour sales.

The Chinese smartphone maker today announced the company’s plans to commence weekly open sales, which will allows people buy the smartphone without an invite.

“We believe that great things should be shared,” Carl Pei OnePlus co-founder wrote in a blog post. “Thus, it’s been our goal from the beginning to put our products into the hands of as many people as possible.”


So is OnePlus ditching its policy of restricting the availability of its device to “invite” as things were before today’s announcement? Not exactly as OnePlus remains adamant, and wants us to know that the availability of its device without an “invite” will only be one out of seven days in a week.

“This doesn’t mean that our beloved invite system is going away, and it will continue to be the standard method of purchasing the One during the remaining [six] days of the week,” Pei said. “And, you will still receive invites to share with friends whenever you buy a One, even on Tuesdays.”

OnePlus had previously removed its invite system for short windows of opportunities; this new opportunity will allow more people get their hands on the device, which costs $299/$349 (16GB/64GB). Buyers who have struggled to get their hands on the device will now have the opportunity to do just that once every week.

OnePlus has had to deal with criticism for trying to create a buzz by restricting the sales and availability of its phone to the public. The company however, insisted that its decision was based on the fact that it wanted to keep up with orders from buyers. It is not known at this time how it plans to handle the surge in demand that would come as a result of the weekly temporary lifting of the invite system as customers are likely to make good use of this opportunity to own the device.

The good thing is that all buyers who successfully lay their hands on the phone will be able to send invite to others who may also be interested in it. Perhaps, Monday’s announcement could mean something else from what we all have at the back of our minds.

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