Off page SEO Techniques to get you going in 2015

By implementing Off page SEO techniques, you can improve the position of your website while you search for it on the search engine. Off page SEO techniques mainly focus on Social Media, bookmarking and building links. Search engines have a very complex algorithm working behind the scene which tries its best to show the most relevant content available on the internet according to the search. These algorithms scan a huge database within seconds, so it becomes even more important to get your SEO techniques right.

Off page SEO technique is decided on factors such as references from any other websites, their presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc., one which has been shared on lot of forums and one which has been bookmarked.

By implementing successful off-site SEO strategy, the website will enjoy certain privileges

  • The website will undoubtedly start gaining more traffic and will improve its rank.
  • The page rank of website will improve. It is a parameter introduced by Google which ranks page between 0 and 10. There are many factors which improve the rank of website and page rank is just one of them.
  • If a website is ranked higher, it will garner more attention on social media platforms, forums, communities, etc.

With the change in time, SEO techniques also gets updated. So after thorough research and analyzing latest SEO update in the market, we have compiled a list of techniques which will help you get a good rank on search engines in 2015.

1) Presence on Social Networking


This is the most basic step through which people come to know about your site’s reputation. It is the first and foremost step through which you begin to start advertising and build up your reputation in the market. In order to increase the awareness, you need to create account on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

2) Blogging

Blogging is the most productive way to increase traffic on your website. Write a blog which clearly conveys your idea and content should be free of plagiarism. The blog must be interactive and must be based on the upcoming trend in the market or should support the motive of your website.

3) Search Engine Submission


For search engine to crawl through your website, firstly a search engine must know that there exist a website. You can submit your website to a search engine, so it discovers them while performing its search. You can either submit an entire website or a single web page but it is advisable to submit just the home page, and if site is designed properly search engine will crawl the whole site.

4) Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another handy technique which is ignored most of the times while doing optimization. Social bookmarking is a technique to bookmark a web page so that you can refer to it the next time you are connected to the internet. You can also use some of the bookmarking sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg etc.

5) Link building


Link building is the procedure of grabbing hyper reference of your website from some other source. Search Engines use this links to crawl the whole web. For link building, you can adopt internal link building strategy or can publish your articles on article directories in order to get backlink.

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6) Commenting


Commenting came into existence many years back and is still followed to perform optimization. You can find similar blogs and can comment to generate backlinks which is not a hard task to do. Also, there are some third party tools available like link searching, dropmylink, etc. which will provide you similar blogs you are searching for.

7) Directory Submission

Directory Submission is the process of listing your site on database or various directories available. You must take special care of while listing your site under category or sub-category divisions. Web directories which are active have some really good blog submissions which results in some really good business opportunities and a chance to even lure advertisers.

8) Submit Video


With the rise of platforms based on video streaming, it is always a good option to create a video related to your blog. The impact of a good video will help you increase the web traffic. A video can be uploaded on any video sharing sites like YouTube, Vevo, etc. The video must have proper tag and description with a URL of your homepage acting as a backlink.

9) Question and Answering sites


Many question and answering sites working in the market have high page rank because it is one of the most effective way to get your query answered. Just browse through those Q&A sites find a question related to your subject, answer them and give a reference link to your website.


With billions of websites to be displayed on the internet, it is very important to follow proper SEO techniques. Without applying SEO techniques finding a website, is like finding a needle in haystack. Hopefully after implementing techniques mentioned above you will be able to get a much higher page ranking. These techniques keep on changing with time, and some may even become obsolete. The list mentioned above is based on the latest trends according to the year 2015.

Are you also striving hard to improve the page rank of your website; then you must have something to add to this list. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of some more Offline SEO tips.


Author Bio – Abhishek is a content developer and writer at Codecondo. He loves writing and sharing topics on web development and web programming and latest trends going around in web world.

Author: Firdaus

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