Now You Can Order Food Delivery Straight from Google Search Results

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Feeling hungry? Take your phone and Google your favorite restaurant- if it is integrated with Eat24, Seamless,, GrubHub, BeyondMenu or, you will get an option to order foods for delivery. The feature is now available in the United States.

To use the service, search your favorite eatery on Google. In the search result, you will find “Place an Order” option at the bottom of the cards. Tap the option and choose a delivery service from the available ones. Then you will be redirected to the restaurant page to place an order quickly for your desired meal. There are also suggestions based on recently ordered items to help you in making a choice. Google says that it is working to bring more delivery service providers in the list.


So, it’s just another day, and another feature added to Google. The search company is enhancing its services by introducing something really interesting and useful. When you search for a restaurant on Google using a mobile phone, it makes sense that you are looking for foods. And Google offers an option to get the food straight from the search result cards.

There may be another reason that Google starts this feature from phones. The web giant is now getting more and more search queries from mobile devices. In a recent blog post, Google said, “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”. This data includes the queries made by both the Google apps and other mobile browsers. However, the company has not revealed such data for other countries.

Mobile devices are increasingly being greater targets for web services because they reside in user’s pocket. More search means more ad revenue for Google. And that’s why the company has revamped its ads interface on mobile browsers.


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Author: Arafat Bin Sultan

Arafat Bin Sultan is a technology enthusiast MBA graduate who loves to learn and write everything about science, tech and business.

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