New Nokia Smartphone with 5G is Life-Proof?

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The new maker of Nokia phones, HMD Global, says that XR20 can endure extreme temperatures. 

The latest Nokia device is the XR20. It’s a 5G phone that you can buy in August for only $549. This is a rugged phone. But is it life-proof? 

Lifeproof Nokia Smartphone with 5G Connectivity 

XR20 has rugged specs. It includes IP68 rated. It can endure submersion in 1.5 meters or 4.9 feet of water for an hour. 

It can withstand temperatures of 55°C to -22°C. That’s not all. You can drop it from up to 1.8 meters of 5.9 feet and it will still work. 

Plus, it has the toughest screen as it uses Gorilla Glass Victus. It’s more scratch-resistant compared to a typical smartphone display. 

Furthermore, it has a two-year extended warranty in the US. If you live in the UK, you have a three-year warranty. 

In addition to it being rugged, the new smartphone has a 1080p 6.7-inch screen But it comes only with two rear-facing cameras. The main camera boasts 480MP f/1.79 while the other one is a 13-MP f/2.4 ultrawide.

What’s the Processor? 

This new Nokia smartphone comes with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. For its processor, it’s using Snapdragon 480 processor. 

The battery is 4,630mAh with support for Qi wireless charging. 

However, it can’t challenge Samsung A52 GB when it comes to raw hardware specs. The camera isn’t that impressive. The chipset might not be the best. 

Then again, it can fill the gap in the market of having a rugged phone that’s affordable with healthy software support. 

Just like any other budget phone, the XR20 features a USB-C port for charging. For wired audio, it uses a 3.5mm jack. 

HMD’s CEO said that most people want smartphones that won’t break. That is, they want to purchase one that they can keep for longer. 

What is HMD Global? 

It was formed by former Nokia executives in 2016. They bought it from Microsoft for $350 million. It’s still financially backed by Nokia, Google, Qualcomm, and other industry players. 

Nokia used to be a popular phone maker. But it failed to innovate. 

It tried to carve out a niche in this industry by selling revivals of classic Nokia handsets and some budget smartphones. 

But it couldn’t keep up. In 2020, its share was down to 0.6% share. This is lower than LG, which recently shut down its mobile business. 

However, HMD Global is a prominent player in the “dumb phone” niche market. It offers old-school handsets. They are not iPhones but they are taking up 16% of the market. 

In addition to XR20, HMD revived the Nokia 6310 phone. But this modern version only supports 2G networks. 

HMD said that its target audience for releasing such a version is a group of people who are still interested in Nokia’s heritage. That is, they want basic text and voice features. 

If you wish to buy it, you can have the modern version of the Nokia 6310 at £49.99 and it comes in black and yellow.

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