Nokia Returns With A New Android Smartphone – Will It Be Available In The US?

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Nokia Returns With A New Android Smartphone – Will It Be Available In The US?

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Last year, Nokia announced that it would return to the smartphone market in 2017. This time, it would be launching an Android handset. True to its words, the company confirmed that it would release Nokia 6 this year.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in China.

In a press release, HMD Global, a company that developed phones under Nokia brand name, stated that:

“After securing the exclusive Nokia brand licensing rights in mobile phones in late 2016, HMD Global Oy (“HMD”) is proud to announce the launch of its Nokia 6 smartphone in China. The Nokia 6 marks the first step in HMD’s ambition to set a new standard in design, material quality and manufacturing innovation across every tier of its products by building on the hallmarks of a true Nokia phone experience. The device, which is designed explicitly with the needs of users in mind, combines quality and in-built durability to deliver a real-life premium smartphone experience at a price point for the highly aspirational Chinese consumer.” – HMD Global will retail the new smartphone. The press release also noted that the Nokia 6 is just the first smartphone of the company. It added that there would be more smartphones to come this year.

What The Phone Will Be Like?

“Delivering quality to the core, the Nokia 6 display has a bright hybrid in-cell 5.5” screen with full HD resolution and incredible colour reproduction wrapped in 2.5D Gorilla Glass. The display stack is laminated together with a polarizer layer enabling excellent sunlight readability and slim form. The build is completed with the latest generation Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 430 processor with X6 LTE modem designed for excellent battery life and superior graphics performance.” – HMD Global

The first look of the Nokia 6 leaked online. Based on that clip, the latest handset will have a stylish aluminum build with Nokia label engraved at the back. It comes with a physical home button, which is a typical feature of an Android phone. On the side of that button, you’ll find capacitive buttons for the back and shortcuts. On its right side, it has a USB port at the bottom with two speakers. The left port of the unit has a microphone.

The video also shows how great its camera is. The home button has an embedded fingerprint scanner that can work with mobile payments.

In 2016, Nokia announced that it would team up with HMD Global to return in the smartphone game. One of the products of the said partnership is the Nokia 6. Initially, Nokia 6 was called Nokia D1. Somehow, it was changed to Nokia 6 as its official name.

As previously mentioned, the phone will only be available in China through It will have a price tag of 1699 CNY (US$246). The company did not mention in its press release whether the handset will be available in US stores soon.

“We have set ourselves a mission to deliver the best possible smartphone experience, with a beautiful premium design touch, to everyone, at every price point. By building on true Nokia phone hallmarks of leading design and materials, an obsessive focus on the latest technology and solving real-life issues, we believe we have a unique proposition for consumers. “

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