Nintendo Switch Surpasses Wii in Sales

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The Switch is now the bestselling console of all time.

Selling Over 100 Million Units 

As of December 31, 2021, Nintendo has sold over 100 million units. It surpassed the Wii’s sales. Compared to other consoles, Switch reached its 100 million sales faster. 

Even though Switch is in the middle of its lifecycle, Nintendo is confident that it will continue its outstanding sales pace. The Switch may break the pattern of Nintendo’s past consoles. The company saw that the momentum of the other consoles is weakening in the sixth year on the market. 

However, the chip shortages caused the company to lower its forecast for Switch’s sales. It projected to sell another 24 million in the coming quarter. But it lowered it to 23 million consoles. 

Launched in March 2017, the Switch made it to the market with a starting price of $299.99. It’s going to celebrate its 5th birthday next month with a steady sales pace. Since its inception, Nintendo released different models. There’s the Switch Lite with a price tag of $199.99. The OLED model comes with a $349.99 price tag. 

Increased Demand During the Global Pandemic 

2020 was a huge year for video games. The console market experienced a complete overhaul. But the Nintendo Switch didn’t. 

As mentioned, even though it’s going to celebrate its 5th year, this game machine is still massively popular. 

Compared to other consoles, the Switch is the least powerful machine. However, its charm and a killer roster of the game franchise made it appealing to millions of people. 

One of its impressive features is that it could be switched from a home console to being a handheld game console, and vice versa. But, as it matured, Nintendo shifted its focus by offering more games at a lower entry price compared to Sony boxes. 

The company marketed its console with the popular tagline of playing with power. However, with the Switch, you’re not playing with power anymore. Rather, you’re playing with value and game options, as well as versatility. 

It’s a highly recommended console for those who are looking for a console that prioritizes games before technology. 

The setup for Switch is simple. You just need to connect its dock to your TV through the HDMI cable. Then, plug in the included USB-C cable and AC adapter. The maximum output of this console is 1080p. 

When it comes to Switch, Nintendo focuses on portability. And it’s one of the reasons that it’s more desirable than Microsoft’s consoles. Its competitors in portable gaming are smartphones and tablets. Sony did attempt to enter the portable gaming world through Vita and Portable. But it failed. 

Indeed, Switch is a machine if you simply want to play games. Sony and Microsoft don’t focus on this arena. Instead, they are more interested in providing games that are more than just fun to play. They want to dominate your home theater setup. Switch’s greatest strength is its versatility. It’s also dedicated to being a gaming platform. This is an easy buy if you love Nintendo’s characters and franchises.

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